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The News Minute | September 6, 2014 | 7.00 pm IST A handful of women have joined the ranks of the IS in Syria or are married to IS fighters, tweeting about jihad, and often endorsing violence.  Several women, mostly British, have joined up with ISIS and are now tweeting about from where they now live in the north Syrian province of Raqqa. This region is also from where members of the al-Khansaa' Brigade (IS all-women's unit) operate. Several of these women's Twitter accounts have been shutdown. Umm Fariss also Umm Anwar Umm Anwar, who also goes by the name Umm Farris, is believed to be one of the British girls married to an Islamic State fighters. Reports suggest the husband too has been identified. She has the ISIS flag as her display picture. She speaks of other sisters in her tweets, posts pictures of her shopping. We worship Allah and we do what is best for our deen even if that means beheading a kaffir. Fear Allah and strike fear in the kuffar's heart — Umm Farriss (@UmmAnwar_) September 3, 2014 I'd love to meet @Al_Khanssaa @UmmLayth_ and @UmmKhattab_ Biidnillah and Umm Haritha — Umm Farriss (@UmmAnwar_) September 3, 2014 Shopping with @GreenBirds22 in raqqah and she goes "this is racist" pic.twitter.com/CJMxTD4jfC — Umm Farriss (@UmmAnwar_) August 28, 2014 Umm Talib Her Twitter bio says- Salam To Those Who Believe And For Those Who Disbelieve Die In Your Rage! She is believed to be from the south of England and is quite the foodie. She RTs food pictures, once she tweeted  a picture of a feast at the Raqqah. Whenever a jet is flying above us my heart drops out of fear but the truth is they may be above us but Allah is Above them and more Powerful — Qad Af-lahal Shuhada (@Umm_Talib) August 28, 2014 Eating right now in raqqah mmm pic.twitter.com/fEKnO4cKjr — Qad Af-lahal Shuhada (@Umm_Talib) August 22, 2014 Umm Khattab 1)They want us to smile while our honour is being robbed our scared places should be stolen and if we carry a bullet we are the terroist — :) (@UmmKhattab__) August 19, 2014 whoever you maybe, death will overtake you even if you are in fortresses built up strong and high — :) (@UmmKhattab__) August 18, 2014 Best thing ive done in my 18 years in this world is come to the blessed land of shaam and leave Britain the land of kuffar — :) (@UmmKhattab__) August 14, 2014 Couple weeks ago me @ummyusuf22 @UmmLayth_ @Al_Khanssaa @bintladen1 were saying manbej is dry and no bombs look at it now subhanallaah — :) (@UmmKhattab__) August 18, 2014 Umm Aqsa Twitter bio When you hear of my death I request you remember me in your prayers not your tweets' correct me when I err, RT's # endorsments- Allah's Land People of Palestine have been told about joan rivers death and they respond like.... 👇 lol pic.twitter.com/gBTyd6QDCz — Umm Aqsa (@UmmAqsa) September 4, 2014 While these accounts are still functional, Twitter accounts of other British women with the IS in Syria have been blocked.  An account in the name of Muhajirah fi Sham was deleted after she tweeted that she wants to be the first British woman to kill a UK or US (terrorist). Huffington Post says that the 22-year-old can be seen firing an AK47 in a propogandist video. Umm Layth aka Aqsa Mahmood, a 20-year old from Glsgow married to an ISIS fighter also had her account blocked for praising some murders. She urged Muslim men and women to come out openly and fight. "If you cannot make it to the battlefield, then bring the battlefield to yourself," she tweeted. In a recent interview to CNN, Aksa's parents told the broadcaster that in one of their conversations, Aksa said she wanted to be a martyr. "We don't know what happened and how she changed so quickly. God knows why she is doing this," Aksa's dad said.
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