Why we think most BJP leaders want to delete their Twitter accounts!

Flix Tuesday, April 07, 2015 - 05:30
The News Minute| July 1, 2014| 4.30 pm IST The latest tweet in New Delhi it appears is best not to tweet. BJP leaders could be ruing the moment they tweeted against the rail hike, petrol hike, LPG hike over the past two years and maybe thinking of digging out and deleting 140 characters by 140 characters... or maybe even their Twitter accounts.  Not that anyone in politics can be expected to stand by their word, much less a tweet, but the tool that allowed for much grand-standing is back with a bite. Prime Minister Narendra Modi too has tweeted against the hikes and now finds himself on the other side of the fence. Our timelines are filled with some Twitter geniuses digging out old tweets where the present minister waxed eloquent about hikes during the last regime. This might partly explain why the country is being treated to albums of tweets about a ribbon-cutting event, or a hand-shaking event – if tweets from the government, of the government and with the government in the last month are to be counted, there’s been a lot of hand-shaking and not much else.  Here’s a way out. Instead of deleting old tweets and replacing them with family photographs and flower vases and bouquets, we suggest the ministers tell us what their policies are, how they propose to deliver in their areas of responsibility instead of tweeting that they have been working for 12 hours. We at The News Minute (TNM) are keeping a track of the tweets and will be reporting at the end of 100 days how some ministers know how to use the social media and others get used by them. Watch this space!