The new 'take it easy' policies for a new generation.

Trump note ban and a few new beats Rahmans fantastic new Urvasi Urvasi
Flix Entertainment Thursday, January 12, 2017 - 09:17

The new version of AR Rahman's 'Humma Humma' (composed by Tanishk and Badshah) might not have won our praise, but his latest version of ‘Urvasi Urvasi’, released on MTV Unplugged, is sure to get you to play the song on loop – and the best part of the new soundtrack? It’s awesome lyrics.

Some of you might remember, Rahman had crowd-sourced lines for the new lyrics of the song, to make the ‘Take it easy policy’ lines sound a bit more up to date. While we knew of the four lines which he selected from his fans, the real punch is in the ones his team has penned.

Rahman and team take on what were perhaps the two biggest upsets of 2016: Trump’s victory and demonetization.

In apparent sympathy for Clinton, and making no bones about their dislike for Trump, the lines go: ‘Hillary Clinton Thothu Ponal, Take it Easy policy. Donald Trump president aanal, Take it Easy policy’ (If Hillary Clinton loses… If Donald Trump wins…)

And then there is the desi disappointment to the mix: ‘Ainooru rooba sella ponaal, take it easy policy. Ayiram rooba sella ponaal, take it easy policy’ (If 500-rupee note goes invalid…. If 1000-rupee note gets invalid)

Watch the song here!