The first season will have episodes about social and legal issues faced by trans persons.

Trans Vision a Hyderabad-based YouTube channel wants to dispel myths around transgender lives Image credit: Screenshot/ Youtube
news Transgender Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 19:07

In an attempt to dispel misconceptions around the transgender community a Hyderabad-based trans woman has started a YouTube channel named ‘Trans Vision’.  

Rachana Mudraboyina, along with few other members of the community have started the channel to provide basic information about a transgender person. 

“The internet is full of misconceptions and myths about the transgender community There is no proper information on the subject. So we decided to start the channel,” she added. 

This she says is an attempt to educate people about the transgender persons and their struggle. 

“We start learning with aa..eee.. Or A..B..C..D.. in the same manner we are starting the season, with basic informations about transgender persons, like who is a transgender person. We attempt to clear doubts people have about the community,” Rachana told TNM.

The first season will consist of eight episode where they will talk to about several social and legal issues faced by transgender persons. The series start with the anchor, Anjali stating that the aim of the series is to provide accurate and scientific information about the community. 

She begins by explaining who transgender people are. “People whose gender identity differ from the sex assigned at birth are transgender. People who are born as male but identify themselves as women are trans women, and people who are born as female and identify themselves as men are trans men,” she says. 

She explains that trans persons have several identities worldwide depending on the region, culture, gender identity and dressing.  “We are naturally born, however, people have the misconception about that being a transgender means having a mental disorder,” says Rachana  

The anchor states that the American Psychiatric Association has ascertained that being a transgender is not a mental disorder. “International Classification of Diseases in chapter 11 has removed gender identity disorder from the list of mental illness,” she says. 

The Trans Vision on Saturday, would release their teaser for Kannada language as ‘ Akshara Jahanvi’. 

The first episode has over 1,800 viewers which Rachana consider as a good start. 

“This is our first attempt so I think that’s good start. We have planned to bring the episodes in three languages, Kannada, Telugu and Urdu. Later in these episode we try to bring international issues with Indian context. We describe our culture, social and medical issues as well. We hope to get more viewer so that people will be informed about the community,” Rachana said. 

The channel she said, is an attempt to fight against the discrimination by bringing awareness. 


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