Top 7 Best Essay Writing Services for College Students: Proven Homework Help Online

Top 7 Best Essay Writing Services for College Students: Proven Homework Help Online
Top 7 Best Essay Writing Services for College Students: Proven Homework Help Online
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As a student, you are probably no stranger to a busy schedule. With all the approaching exams and deadlines, especially at the end of the semester, navigating the coursework becomes a real challenge. Of course, you can cope with everything on your own, but it will take a couple of sleepless nights and declined invitations to hang out with friends. 
The good news is that there’s a second, stress-free option. You can delegate. Essay writing websites will help you out with any school assignment. Contact professional writers and get your assignments done fast and with minimal effort on your part. 
Thousands of students use writing services on a regular basis. From simple essays and discussion posts to term papers and dissertations, expert writers provide assistance with all academic tasks and subjects out there. Who would say no to that?
The only issue you might face is choosing a trustworthy and quality academic writing service in the first place. The writing industry is full of options, and new companies appear on the market all the time. Some of them indeed combine all the best features. With their assistance, you can save time, enjoy quality custom writing, and get a bunch of freebies. Others, however, might not live up to your expectations. They may fail to deliver the paper on time or provide original content.
It takes some research to pick a company that actually keeps its promises and delivers high-quality drafts. But don’t worry! We’ve already reviewed various homework websites for you. So what are the top essay writing services? Let’s jump straight to the list of the best academic helpers and their advantages! 

Find the Best Service for Your Essay

If you are looking for an essay helper for your assignment, consider these services:
EssayService: Rating - 9.9/10
EssayHub: Rating - 9.8/10
DoMyEssay: Rating - 9.7/10
EssayPro: Rating - 9.6/10
PaperWriter: Rating - 9.4/10
WritePaper: Rating - 9.2/10
Studyfy: Rating - 9.1/10 
Why did we choose them? Making a list of the best essay services took us a lot of reviewing, testing, and interviewing. Out of a huge list of available companies, we handpicked those that are most popular among students based on their feedback and online reviews. 
Once we narrowed down our list to the most appealing options, the most interesting part started. We contacted each of these essay services as customers and sent them paper-writing requests. Our goal was to look into their actual order process and check various aspects of their work. The main criteria were:
  • - Quality of research;
  • - Error-free writing;
  • - Range of provided services;
  • - Professional writing team;
  • - Affordable prices and bonuses;
  • - Punctuality;
  • - Safety and confidentiality guarantees;
  • - Friendly and responsive customer support. 
We made sure that all companies on our list adhere to these criteria. After all, when you decide to use essay writing help, you need to be sure that you are collaborating with the best. Only then will your experience be rewarding and bring the desired grades. 
Below you’ll find the seven best writing websites out there. Consider their features and advantages to pick the one that meets your needs. Yet, regardless of your choice, each of them offers high-quality content, affordable rates, and various guarantees that improve your experience. Let’s take a closer look at the features that make each of them stand out. 


EssayService is an all-in-one platform for your writing needs. Here you can find solutions for different sorts of academic tasks. EssayService experts can help you write, rewrite, or edit your paper. 
What writing tasks are available? The list of essay services online includes all assignment types you can only think of. Besides, the website guarantees a personal approach to everyone. This means that you can make special requests regarding paper content and structure, and a writer will be happy to customize it for you. This is the feature we wanted to check. 
Your teacher can often give you unusual assignments based on specific course materials or formatting requirements. A good writing service should consider this when working with students and be ready to branch out from the traditional ways. 
When ordering our test paper from EssayService, we included a list of specific sources and an unusual outline for the writer to follow. They did the job fantastically. The writer observed all our instructions regardless of how rare they were. 
One more benefit of EssayService is affordability. The price starts at $11.4 per page. However, you can easily save some money if you order more pages. Your discount practically grows with a higher word count and longer timeline you give the writer to complete your task. The flexible pricing policy is student-friendly and makes custom writing so much more affordable. 
EssayService stands for anonymity and protects student privacy at all costs. This is a critical feature for any writing website to have and a clear indicator of its trustworthiness. 
Key advantages of EssayService are: 
  • - Flexible pricing;
  • - Professional writers;
  • - Personal approach to students;
  • - Privacy guarantees. 


EssayHub is a full-service website offering writing, rewriting, and proofreading solutions. High school, undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate students use its best essay services for all sorts of coursework. Some of their most popular assignment options include:
  • - Essays;
  • - Term papers;
  • - Case studies;
  • - Reports;
  • - Presentations;
  • - Reviews.
What academic disciplines does EssayHub cover? English, engineering, business, math, law, medicine, computer science, and many, many more are included in its offers. You can even find some rare subject areas. 
Here is how the order process works:
First, you send your request with all the details like the required service, deadline, assignment type, word count, and educational level. Then, you are free to choose the best writer for the task by yourself. You can check experts’ academic backgrounds and reviews. All this information is part of their profiles. Finally, you get your paper done! Could it be any easier? 
If you need any extra explanations, the customer support team of EssayHub is friendly and responsive. We made sure to test their work since it is an important feature for essay websites. Sometimes students need guidance when placing an urgent order or might require assistance to change a deadline and add some extra instructions. This was exactly what we asked EssayHub support assistants to help us with, and we received a response within minutes. 
The team works 24/7, which is helpful if you have to write a last-minute paper. You can expect guidance every step of the way: from filling in the order form correctly to getting your paper delivered. Besides, you can even contact them at night and still get a prompt response to your message. 
Key advantages of EssayHub are: 
  • - Wide range of services;
  • - Simple order process; 
  • - Professional support.


Writing an essay is easier than ever, thanks to professional assistance. You don’t have to spend hours researching in the library or writing and editing drafts. The best essay services online, like DoMyEssay, are ready to do all the hard work for you. Meanwhile, you get more free time to spend with friends or dedicate to your hobbies. 
To make sure that DoMyEssay keeps all its promises, we asked its writers to craft an analytical essay for us. Naturally, our main criterion was the quality of writing. Here are our conclusions:
The essay included an appropriate traditional structure. All parts of the writing instructions were clearly addressed. The writer’s work was focused, consistent, and clearly presented. They also included relevant evidence from authoritative online publications. 
The draft we received was also completely original. Upon our request, DoMyEssay provided a plagiarism report. This is one of the features that you can get for free. Other freebies include formatting, outline, title page, and the choice of the top writer. Being able to enjoy free features is a huge advantage, especially for students who often live on a budget. 
Revisions are also free and unlimited. When you receive a paper, you can ask a writer for as many edits as you want till the work meets all your expectations. 
Another important point we want to address is punctuality. Delays may have terrible consequences for students, like grade deductions or failed classes. So the fact that DoMyEssay makes observing deadlines a priority is a significant benefit and a sign of reliability. 
Key advantages of DoMyEssay are: 
  • - High-quality writing;
  • - A bunch of free features; 
  • - Free revisions;
  • - Punctuality.


10 years of experience in the writing industry, more than 500 expert writers, and 1.5 million satisfied students—this is what you immediately learn about EssayPro. And these characteristics are so appealing! The website is considered one of the best essay services for assignments like research papers, term papers, and essays. Students use it whenever they need in-depth work with sources. 
EssayPro isn’t some average writing service. It will surprise you with cutting-edge research and evidence-based writing. 
The research paper we ordered here was flawless. The writer included several sources from peer-reviewed journals for background and specialized information. They also integrated original research with the concepts from the course materials we provided. Analysis and synthesis of ideas were expert-level. 
Quality writing isn’t the only advantage of the service. EssayPro also offers fast delivery. While with most services, you have to wait for days, here, you can get your essay done in as little as 6 hours. Of course, it works only for shorter papers. Since the company is committed to providing original work written for every client from scratch, you have to give a writer enough time to do their job. 
Originality is usually a top concern since the demands of colleges and universities are usually pretty high. Therefore, unique writing is a critical feature any writing service must have. To prove the originality of the delivered essays, EssayPro double-checks each work. You can also get a free plagiarism report to rest assured that your academic draft is completely original and hand it in with confidence. 
Key advantages of EssayPro are: 
  • - Expert team of writers;
  • - Original and profound academic research;
  • - Fast delivery.


It’s easy to write an essay or discussion post, but when it comes to multiple-page assignments, you might need writing assistance. At PaperWriter, you get a lot more than you would from a standard essay helper! We ordered a term paper, and here is how it was.
First of all, we checked the anonymity policy of the service. It has the same standards as the best essay websites mentioned above. This means that your personal information is protected. Even your communication with the writer stays completely anonymous and confidential. Neither your teacher nor the institution can find out that you use essay writing help. 
The platform allows students to choose writers by themselves. To help you take your pick, there is a feedback section. It shows you a writer’s reviews from previous orders. Note that all experts have different academic backgrounds. Therefore, you can find a writer for your exact subject matter. For our biology term paper, we found a person who holds a master’s degree in this discipline. 
Since all writers on the platform are native speakers with a few years of experience in academic writing, the service guarantees high-quality writing. You can expect flawless grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Scholarly research is also a must on PaperWriter. 
On-time delivery is another benefit of the service. Students never mention that PaperWriter misses deadlines. Our term paper was ready right on time as well. So you don’t have to worry about observing deadlines. Timely delivery is always a priority, even for last-minute papers. So you’ll be able to submit your work before its due date regardless of the circumstances. 
Key advantages of PaperWriter are: 
  • - Complete anonymity and confidentiality;
  • - Expertly written papers;
  • - On-time service.


Another dependable service on our list is WritePaper. It can handle various types of paperwork like essays, reports, reflective and creative writing, dissertations, etc. The platform provides good value for money, considering affordable pricing and the writing talent of its team. 
An essay we asked WritePaper to create for us included 5 pages, and we paid only $9.12 per page. It was college-level. So if you are a high school student, it will cost you even less. 
As for the quality of the delivered draft, it was indisputable that writers at WritePaper invested time in research. Their work included solid evidence and accurate citations. They also came up with compelling claims and presented them clearly and concisely. Writing mechanics didn’t raise any questions either. Overall, it was a strong piece that would deserve an A if submitted. 
WritePaper makes your experience as comfortable as possible. This is because you get a variety of guarantees. To start with, you get free revisions. If you receive a paper and you notice that there is something that could be improved, you can ask for edits. To make it even better, they are unlimited. There’s also a money-back guarantee for emergencies. Only those companies that are confident in the quality of their work make such promises. 
You also shouldn’t worry about privacy. WritePaper is one of the top essay services in terms of security. You can get in touch with writers anonymously without revealing any of your personal information. The policy of the website also states that it never shares any information with a third party. 
Key advantages of WritePaper are: 
  • - High security standards; 
  • - Thorough research;
  • - Well-written papers. 


Although Studyfy is the last on our list, it is still a decent option for academic help. It is one of those websites to write essays that keep their processes open and transparent. Many other services simply assign a writer for your task, while Studyfy allows you to choose your homework assistant by yourself.
You can browse the website to learn more about its hiring process. Only native speakers with academic degrees (Bachelor’s or higher) and a few years of writing experience qualify for the job. Aside from that, writers don’t hide behind anonymous names and avatars. You can see real profiles with their bios, educational background, and subject areas they specialize in. This allows Studyfy clients to choose the most qualified experts for their tasks who are knowledgeable in the area of their major. 
At Studyfy, you can get homework assistance even on a tight budget. Thanks to frequent special offers and discounts, getting a draft from a professional writer won’t require a significant investment. 
What makes the platform even more appealing is the availability of free features. The service shows its care for clients by offering free revisions, as many as you need. Besides, you can get a free plagiarism report to prove that you’ve got an original draft. Does your assignment require an outline? Don’t worry. It won’t cost you anything either! The range of free features allows you to save so much money while still getting high-quality service. 
Studyfy covers a wide range of subjects. You can find homework solutions across different disciplines. The range of supported assignment types is diverse as well. You can get anything from simple, short essays to research papers and even dissertations. 
Key advantages of Studyfy are: 
  • - Transparent policy;
  • - Ability to choose the best writers;
  • - Discounts. 

Are Essay Services Legit?

The quick answer is yes. They are perfectly legitimate. Here is why. 
Essay services on our list work with an aim to make students’ lives easier and help them with research. The content they provide is original and serves for educational purposes only. The best online essay writing services would never encourage students to plagiarize or violate academic integrity. In fact, they have a zero-plagiarism policy and do not condone it in any way. 
Most writing websites encourage students to use their content as a sample. They can learn from it to improve their own writing skills and save time as all the research is already done for them. Besides, since the delivered drafts are written for each client from scratch, it is also safe to hand them in. Nobody can tell the difference because expert writers customize their work specifically to your needs. They follow your instructions and can even imitate your writing style. 

The Pros and Cons of Writing Services

You should pay attention to the benefits of essay writing sites and the potential risks associated with them. 
Collaboration with professional writers has a variety of advantages: 
  • - You can save time and make your schedule more manageable. An essay service online will take away all the deadline stress for you to relax and focus on more fun and enjoyable things. 
  • - Not everyone can be good at writing right away. Homework assistance helps you handle writing assignments you are struggling with while you work on your skills. 
  • - Sometimes essays can have a significant impact on our opportunities. It helps to write such high-stakes assignments with professional writers. 
The only significant risk of writing services is choosing the wrong one. Unfortunately, there is a chance to encounter scammers on the market. You should carefully check reviews when choosing writing help for yourself to make sure it is trustworthy and provides quality guarantees. 

Is Buying Essays From Best Services Confidential and Safe?

Reliable writing services have robust confidentiality policies. When you use an essay service online, your personal information stays safe and anonymous. It won’t share it with a third party, so nobody can know that you use academic help. Even your communication with the writer stays protected. Unless you share it yourself, they won’t know your name or other details. 
Be attentive to website security standards. The best essay service should offer only secure payment methods. It is a significant sign of their reliability. Each website on our list is safe and confidential in this regard. 
Make sure you check the privacy policy and Terms & Conditions before you place your order. It will show you what to expect and what guarantees you can enjoy. 
If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact customer support. You can ask them to explain safety conditions in more detail and request samples of their work. 


Writing help often becomes a lifesaver for a lot of students. It allows you to deal with extremely busy coursework and free up some time to spend on other priorities like quality time with family and friends. Being able to delegate a few tasks and take a break is crucial to your well-being. 
By hiring a writer online, you get the whole pack of benefits. You can enjoy quality content, original research, and 24/7 support. The best essay writing services online provide good value for money, keeping their prices affordable and offering a bunch of freebies. 
Of course, finding a reliable service among dozens of options can be daunting. Cooperate only with reputable companies. We’ve tested different websites to help you make the right choice. If you pick any of the services on our list, you’ll have a trustworthy assistant right away and get qualified help with any of your college assignments.
Disclaimer: This article is published in association with Alexsoft and not created by TNM Editorial.

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