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The News Minute | December 20, 2014 | 11:41 am IST 

Journalists are always expected to be on their toes. There are stories everywhere. One must just know where and how to look. 

So when on Wednesday night, a The Times of India reporter was dining in a restaurant in Mumbai, and in strolled a 'good-looking' man, 'despite the beard', it 'attracted her to look at him'. The very him 'She would not have recogised him otherwise, due to his long beard'.

How very patronising!

'Luck' too seemed to have followed the young man into the restaurant, as he came and sat 'right next to our reporter's table'. 

Guess, who the guy turned out to be. The son of veteran actor Anil Kapoor, aka Harshvardhan Kapoor. Shortly walked in Sobhita Dhulipala, Miss India Earth 2013 and joined Kapoor Junior. 

Nothing going unnoticed by the reporter, who unfortunately was finishing her meal when Dhulipala entered the scene (damn, they hadn't even begun ordering!), one particular gesture by Dhulipala struck the former. 

She was trying to hide her face from all possible sides with her locks. Such revelations, if you do follow the media in India, can make or break stories. 

The reason for Dhulipala's actions? May be, unlike the reporter, Kapoor's beard was really scaring her and she tried to scare him back, or may be they both were trying to play the whose-face-is-more-hairy game? 

Anyways, pushing aside these absurd theories aside, is the safe and logical theory by the reporter. That Dhulipala was trying to hide her face, because may be she didn't want to be spotted together with Kapoor. And this because it is likely they could be dating. 

To be fair to The Times of India, no assumptions have been made regarding the friends or duo's relationship status, in the report describing the incident. 'we wonder if something is brewing here?', asks the report. We'd like to know as well. 

The report also published a picture of the duo in action, trying to apparently lay low (which of course did not work), captured on a mobile phone. 

And before some can comment on the clarity of the picture, 'one picture is better than nothing, they say'. Investigative journalism ki jai!

Harsh Toi

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