TN police’s search for murder accused ends in jail as he turns out to be serial killer

The man had reportedly been involved in two murders in the last month while being out on bail for a murder dating back to 2018.
Murder accused serial killer
Murder accused serial killer
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A man arrested by Tiruppur police for allegedly murdering his former roommate has turned out to be a serial killer who has killed two other persons earlier. The information came to light when the police was on the lookout for Sankar (30) in connection with a murder on November 2.

According to reports, Sankar and Isakkimuthu were roommates in a rented room in College Road, Tiruppur. In the first week of November, neighbours noticed that both men were missing and a foul smell was emanating from their room. They alerted the police and broke the room open, finding a corpse stuffed in a barrel inside the room. The body was soon identified as that of Isakkimuthu. When the police tried reaching Sankar on the phone, it was switched off, strengthening their suspicion. When the police obtained his call records and mobile signal details, they were surprised to find him in Coimbatore Central Prison. 

Upon inquiry, the police found out that after moving out of Isakkimuthu’s room, Sankar lived with his friend Ilamparithi and his roommate Anbarasu. On November 12, Ilamparithi and Anbarasu allegedly had a quarrel, in which Sankar intervened and smashed Anbarasu’s head with a stone, killing him. Sankar was arrested, along with Ilamparithi, for this crime and was remanded to judicial custody.

While questioning Sankar it also came to light that the man was on bail after being imprisoned in connection with another murder dating back to 2018, when he allegedly committed these two murders. The police said that the modus operandi of all three crimes are similar -- smashing the head with a stone -- and that the accused did not have any particular motive behind the crimes. The police also added that the crimes were committed when the victims and Sankar were inebriated. After Sankar allegedly confessed to killing Isakkimuthu, the court granted the police one day custody.

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