TN Health Minister assures there is no swine flu scare in the state

Health Minister Ma Subramanian said that out of the total 368 cases, only 42 of them are children below the age of five while 65 people are between the ages of 5 and 14.
TN health minister Ma Subramanian
TN health minister Ma Subramanian
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The Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian has assured that there is no H1N1 (swine flu) scare in the state. Speaking to the press on Monday, September 19, he said that so far 1000 people have been affected by influenza and the infection percentage, which is usually 1%, will see a rise to 1.5% this monsoon. He added that there have been 1044 people who were affected since January this year, out of which 364 are receiving treatment. He also stated that four more people have been affected on Monday.

The Minister said that there are news reports of how children are being primarily affected by the virus and clarified that out of the 368 H1N1 cases, only 42 of them are below the age of five. He added, “A total of 65 cases are from age group 5-14, 192 from age group 15-65 and 69 people are aged 65 years or above. It is not wise to create unnecessary panic.” Ma Subramanian also said that the issue is being unnecessarily politicised by demanding holidays for school children even though the government said there is no need to panic.

When asked about Puducherry’s decision to declare holidays for schools to reduce the spread of fever, the Minister said that a discussion was held with health experts and it was concluded that the current measures taken by the government are sufficient for the moment.

On September 15, 282 people in Tamil Nadu were infected with swine flu, according to the public health department. Out of the 282, 13 were admitted to government hospitals, 215 to private hospitals and 54 of them isolated themselves at home. The Minister also said that the public health department has issued a circular to all the government hospitals in the state regarding the treatment of children admitted with fever, dengue and influenza.

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