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The News Minute | February 20, 2015 | 03:26 pm IST Social media maybe an effective platform when it comes to staying in touch with friends and family or even make new acquaintances. But some use it to harass others. Internet trolls occupy every corner of the internet- they are said to find pleasure in hounding their victims, mostly without any logical explanation. Some choose to annoy people while hiding behind a shroud of anonymity, while others are confident in projecting their real self.  However, there is a fine line which divides mad ramblings from borderline offensive.  So when Arundhathi B Nalukettil, a social activist and a Hyderabad University student, was faced with a similar situation where some men would constantly send her lewd texts on Facebook, she decided to aptly give it back to them. Arundhati neither fought, nor argued with the men. On Thursday, she put out a series of screen shots of the messages that the men sent her. One of the crude messages written in English and Malayalam, reads "Arundhati, please add me. You look so sexy. Can u give me your phone number? Would you like to have sex with me? (translated version)". The screen grabs meant that their photographs and names were also published for everyone to see.  With one set of pictures, she wrote, "Fed up of ignoring such as*****.. Have decided to expose moral malayalees". The other caption reads, "To be continued...".  Ever since, her posts have received hundreds of likes and people have written back expressing their support for her. "Congratulations Arundhati nice move...they deserve it", wrote one person.  One of the men, who Arundhati claims sent her obscene texts, ironically has a profile picture of a lamp before an idol. Two of the men, who's messages Arundhati uploaded on Facebook, seem to have taken down their respective pages from the social networking site. Arundhati is also one of the organisers of the Kiss of Love event in Hyderabad.  Tweet Follow @thenewsminute Also read: I feel powerful: Confessions of abusive Indian trolls
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