'Time for your decision on Dileep’s suspension’: Actors send reminder to AMMA

The AMMA executive committee had asked for 10 days to consider legal options and give decisions on the various points raised by three members, including suspending Dileep.
'Time for your decision on Dileep’s suspension’: Actors send reminder to AMMA
'Time for your decision on Dileep’s suspension’: Actors send reminder to AMMA

Three members of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists Association, Revathy, Padmapriya and Parvathy, on Monday sent a letter to AMMA’s Executive Committee (EC), reminding the latter of their decision regarding Dileep’s suspension from the film body. The letter, signed by the three actors who are also members of the Women in Cinema Collective, reiterated their earlier question: Who has the authority to suspend Dileep, an actor accused in a rape case, from the film body - AMMA’s General Council or Executive Committee. 

Despite being the prime accused in the assault case, AMMA had reinstated Dileep. Following this, the three women had written to the Malayalam cine artistes' body, who decided to call for a meeting with them.

At the meeting in August, the three women had raised concerns on the film body’s decision to reinstate Dileep, the steps it took in support of the survivor and how the bye-laws are structured to protect the welfare of its members.  

"WCC is our ideology and our identity, but we were at the meeting as AMMA members. Hence, we wanted and had the right to ask certain questions as members of that association. Though it was a healthy conversation, there were no conclusive decisions,” Revathy tells TNM. 

According to Padmapriya, “The EC had set aside two working weeks to speak to a panel of lawyers, one of whom is an authority on both sexual harassment and labour laws in the country and was recommended by us. Based on the discussions within this time frame three of us and the EC were to make a joint statement to the press on actions against each of the agenda points discussed."

WCC had sent a detailed email on August 13, summarising points discussed on August 7, for which they have not received a response yet. 

“By then, the floods had happened. Hence, our letter on Monday is just a reminder, to renew our conversation and let us know their decision,” says Revathy. 

The team is still awaiting a decision from AMMA. “The response to our email and discussions may have been understandably delayed but decisions need to be taken and it’s time for the same,” adds Padmapriya.

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