Tik Tok influencer Rafi Shaik dies by suicide in Andhra

Rafi Shaik’s family alleged that their son was kidnapped by some unidentified persons and later escaped, just days before his death.
Tik toker Rafi Shaik
Tik toker Rafi Shaik
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Popular Tik Toker from Andhra Pradesh, Rafi Shaik, died by suicide in Nellore district on Saturday. According to reports, police are ascertaining what led to the death. Investigation officials have taken a statement from Rafi’s parents, who alleged that their son was kidnapped by some unidentified persons a week ago and managed to escape with bruises. Following this, when Rafi’s family filed a police complaint, he was allegedly once again threatened, stating that objectionable videos of him were taken when he was kidnapped and the videos would be released on social media if the complaint was not withdrawn.

Speaking to the media, Rafi’s brother, Syed Iqbal, said that Rafi went to meet a friend at a coffee shop, following he was asked to come to Narayana Reddy peta by a person named Mustafa, where he was allegedly beaten by some people. His brother said that Rafi was crying out of pain after the incident.

Meanwhile, the police have registered a case of suspicious death and further details are awaited.

In 2019, Rafi was involved in an accident, in which another popular Tik Tok star, Sonika, lost her life. The duo were on their way to Hyderabad from Nellore. After being discharged from the hospital, Rafi went to Nellore and was working as a professional photographer for weddings and other events in their town, according to the family’s statement to the media.

If you are aware of anyone facing mental health issues or feeling suicidal, please provide help. Here are some helpline numbers.

Tamil Nadu:

State health department suicide helpline number - 104

Sneha Suicide Prevention Centre - 044-24640050 (listed as the sole suicide prevention helpline in TN

Andhra Pradesh:

Life Suicide Prevention Helpline No.78930-78930

Roshni Helpline 1: 9166202000 Helpline 2: 9127848584


Sahai: 24-hour helpline numbers: 080- 65000111, 080-65000222


Maithri helpline - 0484-2540530

Chaithram helpline: 0484-2361161

Both are 24-hour helpline numbers.


Telangana government suicide prevention toll-free no: 104

Roshni- 040-66202000, 6620200SEVA- 09441778290, 040 - 27504682 (between 9 AM and 7 PM)


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