A lowdown of some recent cases where brides rejected their grooms, right at the altar.

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It is said that in India, it is not just two people who get married but two families. And so, marriage becomes a sacrosanct commitment, both socially as well as financially. The taboo around broken marriages is tremendous. In the recent past however, some women have chosen to put their foot down and call off their weddings at the last moment for a variety of reasons. Here's a lowdown of some recent cases where brides rejected their grooms, right at the altar.

That's not fair!

A sister duo rejected their respective grooms, after finding them to be dark-complexioned and over a decade older than themselves on the night of their wedding. The incident took place in Agra on Thursday where the brides cried foul, claiming that they were shown fairer photos of the men before the wedding. 

No toilet, no shaadi

On April 17, a bride from Kanpur refused to marry her groom after discovering there was no toilet in his house. The wedding had been arranged by a local NGO and according to the girl’s demands, a toilet was to be in built in the groom's house before the wedding the next day. Upon finding her demand unmet, she called off the wedding. The NGO then found her another suitor, who had a toilet in his house.

Dancing spree 

Last month in Agra, a bride walked out of her marriage disgusted by her husband-to-be’s behavior on the dance floor. The couple was requested by close acquaintances of the groom to dance to some popular Bollywood numbers, but the bride refused. The groom went ahead and later began to force his bride to dance with him. When a relative of the bride intervened, the groom slapped him hard. Disgusted by his behavior, the bride threw her varmala and walked away.

Epilepsy? Rejected.

A bride from Kanpur called off her wedding after discovering her future husband’s epileptic condition, last month. The groom had arrived with the baraat, when he suddenly suffered a seizure and had to be rushed to the hospital. Once he recovered and returned to the venue, he found his bride had dumped him and was now refusing to marry him.

Too drunk to wed

In February this year, a young bride from Firozabad refused to marry her groom after he turned up drunk for the wedding. He was reportedly so drunk that he could not even straight for the jaimala ceremony.  When her family tried to force her into the marriage, the girl threatened to commit suicide. Finally, the wedding was called off.


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