This is the third time this year

Thanks to pollution a Bengaluru lake gives you a free but yucky car washSridhar Rao
news Sunday, September 27, 2015 - 12:32

On Saturday, a resident of Bengaluru city announced on Facebook that anyone who wanted a free car wash could just drive through a particular area. Judging by the photos however, it’s not just cars that would get a free wash – when Bellandur Lake froths, it doesn’t discriminate between humans and vehicles.

A resident of the Whitefield area of the city Harsh Rao uploaded the photos on the Whitefield Rising Facebook page. Speaking to The News Minute, he said that his brother Sridhar Rao had taken the photos of Bellandur lake.

“We’ve approached the local corporators, the MPs… about the problems we are facing day in and day out. But there’s no improvement as such. What you’re seeing right now, it can’t get worse than this. I feel pity for the people’ who live around there,” Rao told The News Minute.

This is not the first time that Bengaluru’s lakes have frothed over. In April end, both Bellandur and Varthur lakes frothed over. Two weeks later, Bellanduar lake actually caught fire

Karnataka Pollution Control Board officials however, maintain that it is because of excessive content of detergent discharged from homes which makes its way into the lakes, that causes the water bodies to foam in such a manner. Numerous studies by various scientists including from the Indian Institute of Science have pointed out the real causes behind the foaming of Bengaluru's lakes.