They swear that she's better than even Batman or Superman!

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Wonder Woman is smashing gender stereotypes and box office records with equal aplomb. And what's more, its star, Gal Gadot, didn't even have to stuff herself into a "sexy" suit or seduce anyone to accomplish this. Perhaps the biggest divide that Wonder Woman has managed to bridge is the distance between the male audience and woman-centric cinema. 

And interestingly, this is a worldwide phenomenon. Don't believe us? Check out Thalaivi Gal Gadot Narpani Mandram (Leader Gal Gadot Welfare Association), a Facebook page set up by her fanboys in Tamil Nadu. 

The description reads: "this is for all the Tamil Baayz who will sell their sothu for our manbumigu thalaivi Gal Gadot, esp. the ones that have their naaku on the floor since FF5." (This is for all the Tamil boys who will sell their wealth for our respected leader Gal Gadot, especially the ones who have their tongues on the floor since Fast and Furious 5)

The newly set-up page has over 3,000 members already, most of them men. Usually, fan pages for female actors only carry "hot" pictures that are either subjected to shaming or sexually explicit messages. But clearly, Wonder Woman is not your average heroine. She's even better than Batman or Superman!

Take a look at some of the memes put up on the page that display the emotions that the average fanboy has. 

Diana has a local connect for sure!

(Koundamani in Kadhalar Dhinam)

When Wonder Woman doesn't support your favourite football team.

And nobody can replace Wonder Woman. Certainly not Keerthy Suresh, the boys feel.

The page also claims to have contributed a small amount towards women's empowerment to the Azad foundation in order to create more "Wonder Women".

The members of the Narpani Mandram should consider inducting this young man to their team though he isn't Tamil!


Wow! This is incredible @pochoy_29 Bravo #wonderwoman

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