‘Thaha and Alan are Maoists’: Kodiyeri echoes Pinarayi’s opinion

CPI(M) Kerala state Secretary however contradicted the statement made by another CPI(M) leader on whether the two were still party members.
‘Thaha and Alan are Maoists’: Kodiyeri echoes Pinarayi’s opinion
‘Thaha and Alan are Maoists’: Kodiyeri echoes Pinarayi’s opinion
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Alan Suhaid and Thaha Fazal, the two youth who were arrested in November 2019 allegedly for possessing pro-Maoists pamphlet under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) have been expelled from the CPI(M), party state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said.

Kodiyeri also echoed Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s opinion that Alan and Thaha are indeed Maoists. 

In December 2019, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) took over the case. Kodiyeri’s statement comes as a group of people have been supporting the two families in their battle to make the government withdraw UAPA charges imposed on Alan and Thaha. The duo had been active workers of the party in Kozhikode district. Alan was a worker of the Thiruvannur Branch Committee while Thaha was with the Paramel Branch Committee.

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Kodiyeri, in a press meet post the state committee meeting of the party in Thiruvananathapuram on Sunday, said that the duo had been expelled a month ago. “The recommendation of the Area Committee in this regard had been approved by the District Committee. They were Maoists. They were simultaneously working as Maoists while they were CPI(M) members, that is not possible for anyone right? They raised Maoists slogans. Do CPI(M) workers have the right to do that?” Kodiyeri asked.

Alan and Thaha 

When asked if the decision to oust them from the party was based on any report, Kodiyeri said that the party was convinced that they were Maoists. 

Kodiyeri's statement shows that the party is taking a stand against the two young men, just like the government and this be a setback for the ongoing fight for the youth. Kodiyeri however has said that NIA should not have taken over the case.

22–year old Alan is a Law student, while 24-year old Thaha is a Journalism student.

The arrest has affected the morale of several party workers and those who are CPI(M) supporters especially in Kozhikode district. This because the families of both the young men were CPI(M) supporters.

However, Kodiyeri's claim that the two were ousted a month ago contradicts what Kozhikode district secretary of the party P Mohanan said January 23.

Mohanan had said that Alan and Thaha were still party workers. "CPI(M) can only take  action against the students after completing certain party procedures,” Mohanan had said.

Kodiyeri however deflected this saying that Mohanan’s statement came when they were still on suspension. 

The Opposition Congress has, both inside and outside the Assembly, has attacked the CPI(M) for imposing UAPA on the students and questioned the double standards of the party which otherwise opposes draconian laws like the UAPA.

On February 5, after facing severe criticism from the Opposition in the Assembly, Pinarayi wrote to Home Minister Amit Shah requesting to hand over the case from the NIA to the Kerala Police. 


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