Telangana’s digital push: To adopt AI, IoT to improve civic life

The IT department is looking to develop chatbots that can help solve people’s queries across areas such as RTA, tourism, etc.
Telangana’s digital push: To adopt AI, IoT to improve civic life
Telangana’s digital push: To adopt AI, IoT to improve civic life
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In a bid to adopt emerging technologies to improve administration, the Telangana government is working on integrating technologies such as artificial intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of Things in different areas.

Artificial Intelligence is one area of focus and the Information Technology Electronics and Communications Department of the state government has identified three areas where chatbots powered by AI can be used.

Speaking on the side-lines of an event at T-Hub on Thursday, Rama Devi Lanka, officer of special duty at the IT department said that the TS-iPASS app, which is the government’s single window clearance system for new investors, will be one area where it is looking to have chatbots.

“A number of people call us to understand how to use the app or questions regarding applications. So we are thinking of having a chatbot that can address all queries,” she said.

The Road Transport Authority website is another area that could use the help of chatbots. Queries regarding applying for licences, procedures of renewals and other queries can be answered by chatbots.

Tourism is the third area where the government sees chatbots being beneficial. Tourists wanting to visit Telangana, when on the website can take the assistance of the chatbots to know about the state.

The government is also looking to use technology to improve the Aarogyasri app. Aarogyasri is a health benefits scheme of the state government to provide quality healthcare to the poor.

“We will use technology to ensure this scheme is not misused and also to keep a check on hospitals and ensuring they not misusing it as well in terms of using same patient records to claim from the government,” Rama Devi adds.

The department is currently working with a startup in T-Hub to develop these chatbots. “They have collected all information on our requirements and we expect to run a pilot in a month of two,” she said.

IoT is another technology that the government is looking at.

One possible application of IoT being looked at by the government is at manholes

The government is proposing that sensors be placed on manholes. So when a manhole is opened, an alert is sent to authorities. This is being done to avoid accidents and deaths, especially during the rainy season.

They are also looking at installing sensors inside the manhole to monitor the water levels and ensure they dont overflow.

“We have just published an Expression of Interest so maybe by June or July, we should be able to evaluate the solution through Proof of Concepts, after which a Request for Proposal (RFP) will be issued,” Rama adds.

On Thursday, the government of Telangana, through its Registration & Stamps Department collaborated with T-Hub startup ChitMonks to launch T-Chits, a blockchain-based chit fund administration system that helps keep the communication between the chit fund companies and the administration completely transparent and safe.

It is also looking to adopt blockchain in other areas such as education.

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