A video of the incident shows the BJP woman leader trying to stop the MLA from breaking the coconut and being pushed away from the spot.

BJP woman leader in argument with TRS MLA over protocol violationImage: By arrangement
news Controversy Friday, May 22, 2020 - 12:37

A row has broken out between the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) MLA and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Telangana over the inauguration of a road in the Pharma City that is coming up in the outskirts of Hyderabad. Dalit woman Mandal Prajaparishad President (MPP) of Yacharam, Koppu Sukanya, who is a member of the BJP, has alleged a breach in protocol, saying that she was not officially invited to the inauguration and then was pushed away during the event.

A video shows an argument breaking out between Sukanya and MLA of Ibrahimpatnam constituency in Rangareddy, who was inaugurating the road, with several people surrounding them to see the event. Visuals of the incident show Sukanya questioning why she was not informed and she tries to stop the MLA from breaking the coconut to inaugurate the road. She is seen getting pushed and falls down. The visuals also show police stepping in, trying to lift her up and diffuse the argument. 

Sukanya has alleged that the MLA deliberately disrespected because she is a Dalit leader.  

Speaking to TNM, Sukanya said, “I have asked why I was not informed about the official program. I have also asked what was the need for such a hasty inauguration procedure in times of a pandemic, which was held violating physical distancing norms."

Local BJP leaders have also alleged irregularities in disbursing compensation as per the Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013.

"There are several pending issues with regards to the disbursement of the compensation amount to farmers who gave their land up for accommodating the pharma city,” she added.

The BJP has also alleged that the local Inspector of police and the ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) acted on the behest of the MLA and pushed her away from the scene. Sukanya has said that she will approach the Human Rights Commission (HRC) as the police acted mercilessly without considering that she is a woman politician.

However, speaking to TNM, Ibrahimpatnam MLA Manchireddy Kishan Reddy of TRS stated that the BJP is trying to “create mileage” by creating ruckus at public programs. 

“All the local public representatives, including the MPP, were invited. She deliberately created chaos by arguing with me and as I was breaking the coconut as part of the ritual, she put her hand in between."

He added, "There is no truth in the allegations of irregularities. As far as Rehabilitation and Resettlement compensation is concerned, there are few farmers who are yet to receive compensation, but we have spoken to them and are making arrangements to disburse the same at the earliest."

The Telangana government is setting up the pharma city in Ibrahimpatnam limits across around 9,000 acres of land, according to MLA. He alleged that BJP is trying to “create a mess” as it doesn't want TRS government to get a good name for the development that they are doing.

The MLA has refuted allegations of police excess on BJP woman leader.

But BJP leaders have demanded an apology from the MLA.

Speaking to TNM, BJP spokesperson NV Subhash said "First thing, there was no need for organising such big event in the face of lockdown and even if they had organised, they could have done with a limited number of people. It is unfair to humiliate a Dalit woman representative for questioning. The MLA should apologize."

“TRS has been rampantly violating the lockdown and COVID-19 containment guidelines,” Subhash added, stating that the government should take responsibility for lockdown and pandemic guidelines.