The police have denied the family’s allegation, and said the 18-year-old died because of a heart ailment.

Teen dies outside exam centre after dropping sister family claims cops assaulted himShivappa Chalavadi, the father of the victim speaks to the media
news Death Sunday, June 28, 2020 - 18:45

A teenager who dropped his sister at a Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) examination centre in Vijayapura district on Saturday, died outside the exam centre. He was suffering from a heart ailment but his family members told media personnel that police officials assaulted the youth before his death. 

Sagar Chalavadi (18) from Basavana Bagewadi taluk had come to the Vishwachetana School examination centre in Hoovina Hipparagi village to drop his sister, a class 10 student, for her examination. After dropping her, he was reportedly waiting outside the examination centre when the police asked him to move away. 

Sagar's family members alleged that he died due to an assault by the police. "My son came to drop his sister to the examination centre and the police have hit my son. He died due to that,” the victim's father Shivappa Chalavadi said. The witness is a resident of the same village and he answered questions from the media along with Shivappa on Saturday.

The police have denied this allegation. According to Anupam Agrawal, Superintendent of Police of Vijayapura district, the teen was dispersed by police officials along with other people who were near the examination centre. The police official said that Sagar left from the examination centre at 1.30 pm to pick up some seeds for his farm along with another resident of his village – Basappa Lakshman Chalavadi. 

“He travelled on a bike and had an accidental fall. He died due to a heart ailment. The rumours of police officers assaulting him to death are false,” the SP told TNM. 

“How can the police say this (that they did not hit Sagar)? The proof is with us," Shivappa said.

Sagar was rushed to the health centre at Hoovina Hipparagi and later shifted to the taluk hospital. When the family members reached the Basavana Bagewadi taluk hospital, Sagar was declared dead on arrival. 

Tension prevailed in the victim's village on Saturday after the family held the police responsible for the victim's death. However, the police insisted that the post mortem report had suggested that there are no external injuries on Sagar's body and that a heart ailment was the reason for his death. The post mortem report is yet to be made public.