The techies were walking back home which was only a few metres away around 3.30 am when they were ambushed.
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When Akshay Maji, Abhishek Kumar and Anmoy Banerjee went to a friend’s birthday party in Marathahalli on Monday, they didn’t know how badly their night would end. Bangalore Mirror reported that the three techies were returning from the celebrations in the wee hours of the night when they were accosted by a gang of three persons who threatened them with scissors and iron rods and robbed them of their valuables.

The trio has informed the Marathahalli police about the incident, and a case has been registered against three unidentified persons under section 384 of the IPC for extortion.

According to reports, the three techies, who are also residents of Marathahalli, decided to come back from the birthday celebrations at a friend’s house which was nearby, on foot. They were walking back home which was only a few metres away around 3.30 am when they were ambushed. Further, the street was pitch dark as there were no street lights.

“All three had scissors and iron rods with them and they threatened to stab us with scissors if we did not give them our valuables,” Akshay said. He added that the accused held him and his friends up for at least five minutes and were speaking in Hindi.

Frightened, one of victims handed over his mobile phone while the other two handed over their wallets to the gang. Akshay, Abhishek and Anmoy then ran towards their house. While they feared that the accused would follow them, they turned around to see miscreants speeding away on a white scooter.

The three victims then reached home and called the police control room. When the Marathahalli police arrived on the spot, they could not find the accused. They are reportedly going through the CCTV footage in the vicinity to identify the gang as well.

Speaking to TNM, an investigating official said, “We are verifying whether the miscreants were locals. We are looking to see if it’s an organised gang. We will know once an arrest has been made.”