Ranjith Sankar, who directed ‘Pretham’ in 2016 with Jayasurya playing the mentalist, released the teaser to the sequel on his Facebook page.

Teaser of Ranjith Sankar and Jayasuryas Pretham 2 is out
Flix Mollywood Sunday, December 16, 2018 - 14:34

The teaser of Pretham 2, directed by Ranjith Sankar, was released on Sunday morning. Ranjith released it on his Facebook page, with the caption: John Don Bosco's story. It is a conversation between two men, one asking the other if he can really see ghosts.

Jayasurya who played the lead in Pretham, a comedy horror directed by Ranjith Sankar in 2016, will again be the lead in the sequel. In the teaser, you see him tell a man about impressing a girl called Angelina in his orphanage with his magic tricks. She dies in tenth grade and he realises how much he liked her. It is to talk to her again that he began his work as a mentalist and got interested in paranormal activities, he says. Do you still talk to her, actor Saniya Iyappan, who plays one of the female leads in the movie, asks Jayasurya's character. Yes, he says, "A person's death is like a baby being born. That person would be confused and tensed and scared in the new world. I try to help them out."

Apart from Saniya, Durga Krishna will also be seen as another female lead in the film. Pretham 2 is releasing on December 21.

Pretham, the first part, revolved around the lives of three young men (Aju Varghese, Sharaf U Dheen, and Govind Pamasoorya) who are disturbed by paranormal activities and approach a mentalist (Jayasurya).

Ranjith and Jayasurya have worked together in films such as Punyalan Agarbattis (2013), Su.. Su... Sudhi Vathmeekam (2015), Pretham (2016), Punyalan Private Limited (2017) and Njan Marykutty (2018).

Their last film together – Njan Marykutty – had won a lot of appreciation. Jayasurya had played a trans woman, going through the struggles that the transgender community in Kerala face even today. The director and the actor had spoken to transgender persons to learn their experience before making the film. When it was released, there was a lot of appreciation from members of the transgender community who are mostly depicted in a poor light in mainstream cinema.

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