‘TDP has damaged the state’s interests as much as BJP’: Pawan slams Andhra CM Naidu

This came after Naidu said that opposition parties in the state were not speaking out against BJP on the special status issue.
‘TDP has damaged the state’s interests as much as BJP’: Pawan slams Andhra CM Naidu
‘TDP has damaged the state’s interests as much as BJP’: Pawan slams Andhra CM Naidu
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Hours after Andhra Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu's midnight press meet following the no confidence motion, where he attacked the opposition parties, Jana Sena chief and actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan has hit back at the CM. Pawan stated that the Jana Sena had nothing to gain by backing the BJP, which doesn't even have a single seat.

He (Chandrababu) said, "It was the PM who colluded with a corrupt party (YSR Congress party) for political gains and hurt the interests of the state. The TDP has been fighting in the parliament, while YSRCP President Jaganmohan Reddy is busy attending court over his corruption cases. Pawan Kalyan is on Twitter since morning. These two parties won’t say a word against the BJP".

After the no trust motion was defeated in the Lok Sabha on Friday, Chandrababu Naidu spoke with the media at Amaravati. Lashing out at PM Narendra Modi for speaking with “arrogance”, he took a dig at the opposition parties YSRCP and Jana Sena, by saying that they don't speak out against the BJP.

Taking exception to Chandrababu’s statements, Pawan said that the "people of Andhra Pradesh have completely deserted the BJP and why would anyone align with such a party?"

Clearing his intention behind his tweets, he said, "TDP deceived the people and damaged the interests of the state as much as BJP did."

He also said that the TDP is acting as if it realised the cheating only recently.

Taking further pots shots at Chandrababu, he said, "Your long experience, administrative capabilities are unable to protect the state. It’s not that we aren't aware of the fact that how many times you and your party have changed their word on Special Category Status in the last four years."

He accused Chandrababu (with his actions) of showing up the people of the state as opportunistic and lacking consistency.

He further questioned, "How should we understand your leaders touching Narendra Modi’s feet? In the same meeting, your (TDP) MPs accuse Modi and on the other hand, your MPs will touch his feet. How should we understand this?."

He also questioned Chandrababu Naidu how he should think its TDP's Dharma Poratam. He said "Rajnath Singh , Union Home Minister himself claimed that they are seeing TDP as their allies, then you should tell us how should we believe you  (party struggle)?”


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