Taken to Kerala and tricked into becoming an ovum donor, Tamil Nadu woman on her ordeal

A Tamil Nadu woman has filed a complaint with the Thudiyaloor police alleging that an agent took her to Kerala and tricked her into donating her ovum.
Taken to Kerala and tricked into becoming an ovum donor, Tamil Nadu woman on her ordeal
Taken to Kerala and tricked into becoming an ovum donor, Tamil Nadu woman on her ordeal
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Radha, hailing from Kavundanpalayam in Prabhu Nagar of Kovai district, is a daily-wage labourer and has been married for two years. As both Radha and her husband Pandian have been unable to find proper work for the past one month, she took up an offer from the owner of their house, a woman named Jeeva, for a job as a cook at a wedding in Kerala.  

Jeeva had allegedly told her that the wedding would take place over a week, and the job would pay Rs 1,000 per day. Jeeva then took Radha by train on November 12 to Aluva in Kerala. Radha was housed along with some other women in a lodge close to a fertility centre. 

The day after she arrived, Radha said, she asked about the cooking job, and was told that this work was not available at that time, but she would have a job feeding well-to-do patients at the clinic. She was taken to the hospital, and not allowed to talk to anyone, she said. She alleged that she had to undergo a scan, blood tests, an examination of her uterus and several other examinations. “They did many scans on me. When I asked them why they were doing the scans, they said that they did not want any infections in me to spread to the patients.”

She said that she was also administered many injections. “On the fifth day, I heard the doctor tell the nurse that my ovum had not grown. I got worried and told the nurse that I had been married for two years and didn’t have any children of my own, and I came here for a job. The nurse responded that I had been brought there to sell my egg.” Radha was shocked to hear this, and objected to what was happening and tried to leave the place. 

However, alleged Radha, Jeeva and her accomplices – Gomathy and Thamizhchelvi – assaulted her and confined her in the lodge. Radha alleged that she was kept confined, treated badly and not given food. However, Radha continued to refuse to donate her ovum. 

Her husband, Pandian, who had been calling Jeeva continuously to find out about Radha, was eventually brought to Aluva, where the husband and wife were threatened not to reveal the incident. two of them that they'd be killed if they revealed all this to anyone. They were then sent away from the place. 

However, the three women against whom Radha made allegations have claimed that there was no trickery involved, and Radha went to Kerala knowing that she was going to donate her ovum. She was promised a fee of Rs 15,000 for it. 

After her tests, she was told that the doctors had rejected her as a donor. Frustrated about not receiving money, she made a false complaint against the women, they alleged. 

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