Take that NASA, TN's Amma was right about the meteor

NASA had earlier said the object removed from the site was not a meteor, college report negates NASA's claims
Take that NASA, TN's Amma was right about the meteor
Take that NASA, TN's Amma was right about the meteor
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It was indeed a meteorite that killed a driver in an engineering college in Vellore and shattered the window panes of buildings and buses, the Tiruchirapalli-based National College categorically said on Monday.

IANS reports that the National College released its report after studying the object recovered from the Bharathidasan Engineering College in Vellore district, around 170 km from here.

On February 6, a mysterious object from the skies hit the engineering college garden killing Kamaraj, the college bus driver and injuring three others.

The report effectively negates the report of US space agency NASA that said the object recovered from the site does not look like a meteorite.

According to the National College report, the object recovered contains carbonaceous chondrites.

The report said the object was studied under Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to understand its characteristics.

It called for a more detailed investigation by national and international agencies as this was the first incident where a life was lost to a meteorite hit.

"As per international norms for the nomenclature of meteorites, the present meteorite is named as 'BEC 1', which denotes the site of fall with a number," the report said.

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