T-Hub among top 3 incubators in India, hosts delegates from 12 states for workshop

As part of the recognition by the central govt, it hosted the delegation from various states to learn about the startup ecosystem.
T-Hub among top 3 incubators in India, hosts delegates from 12 states for workshop
T-Hub among top 3 incubators in India, hosts delegates from 12 states for workshop

Hyderabad-based startup incubator T-Hub, hosted the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Startup India and delegates from 12 Indian states for the first leg of the ‘Startup Ecosystem Knowledge Sharing Workshops’ at its premises on Monday.

This comes after T-Hub was recognized among the top 3 incubators in the country as part of the Startup India initiative by the Central government. As part of this recognition, it hosted the delegation from various states to understand and learn about the startup ecosystem.

“There are representatives from various states coming to T-Hub for a two-day knowledge sharing program. These will be the IT, Industry secretaries and government officials involved in entrepreneurship and startups. The idea is to learn from the best practices and try and replicate it in their own states,” Jayesh Ranjan, IT secretary of Telangana government said.

T-Hub was started in 2015 as a partnership between the government and three academic institutions — IIIT-Hyderabad, ISB and Nalsar and is currently the largest incubator in the country. Spread over 70,000 square feet, it currently houses over 200 startups. T-Hub also recently rehauled operations to operate a cohort-based incubation program for startups with the launch of Lab 32. The second phase of T-Hub, which will be spread over 300,000 square feet is currently under construction and will be one of the largest startup incubators in the world.

As part of the two-day workshop, Jay Krishnan, CEO of T-Hub spoke of the journey of T-Hub so far, while Srinivas Kollipara, COO, T-Hub spoke on how governments can adopt a new ecosystem model and act as a facilitator in the middle of all stakeholders.

There was also a session on Startup India Hub, highlighting its key features such as the learning and development module and its query resolution mechanism.

T-Hub startups such as Authbase and Banyan Nation also spoke on what the startups do, their journey and the support received from the state government.

On day two, there were one-on-one mentoring sessions between states where they shared ideas and experiences to guide each other on how to overcome the challenges in building a startup ecosystem in their respective states.

Startup India seems to have sprung into action. Prior to the state knowledge sharing sessions, it also held a round table with venture capitalists, government bodies and regulators to address and resolve key funding issues.

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