news Saturday, June 06, 2015 - 05:30
  Now, people with cellphones ringing in courtrooms have to be wary of annoyed judges. Justice S. Vaidyanathan of the Madras High Court in Madurai has warned that cellphones ringing inside court halls would be taken away and returned only on payment of a fine of Rs 100 towards the rehabilitation of victims of the earthquake that struck Nepal last month. According to The Hindu, the judge decided by this order after getting irritated when a number of mobile phones of litigants kept going off inside the court hall, hindering court proceedings, said the report. It was after this that a notice was put up instructing all to either switch off their phones or put in on silent mode. The fine of Rs 100 collected would go towards providing relief to those who were affected by the Nepal earthquake. According to court officials, a lawyer of the High Court had initiated contempt of court proceedings against a Revenue Divisional Officer in 2011 when she started talking on her phone inside a court hall.