Swiggy StatEATistics 2019: Biryani is India’s most ordered dish third year in a row

The earliest breakfast delivered in 2019 was idli and pongal at 6.07 am in Coimbatore.
Swiggy StatEATistics 2019: Biryani is India’s most ordered dish third year in a row
Swiggy StatEATistics 2019: Biryani is India’s most ordered dish third year in a row
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India loves its biryani. And this was proved yet again with biryani topping the list of the most ordered dish on Swiggy for the third year in a row. According to Swiggy’s StatEATistics 2019, Indians ordered an average of 95 biryanis per minute or 1.6 biryanis every second.

While Chicken biryani was the most ordered food, the country’s favourite south Indian dish, Masala Dosa came second. Paneer butter masala, chicken fried rice and mutton biryani made up the top 5. The analysis is pan-India for the period between starting Jan 2019 until Nov 2019.

Indians love their biryani so much, that variants of it were three of the top 10 most ordered dishes: Mutton biryani at the fourth spot, and chicken dum biryani at the sixth spot. In fact, Swiggy claims that there are 35,056 varieties and combos of biryanis available for users across the platform with boneless chicken biryani, chicken dum biryani, mutton biryani, egg biryani, veg biryani and paneer biryani being the popular ones. Pune’s ‘Chicken Sajuk Tup biryani’ was the most expensive biryani at Rs 1,500.

In terms of order timings, the earliest breakfast delivered in 2019 was Pongal and Idli at 6.07 am in Coimbatore.


While Gulab Jamun continues to be the most ordered dessert on Swiggy in 2019, Falooda was the newest entry to the top desserts of 2019. While there were 17,69,399 orders for Gulab Jamun, Falooda saw a whopping 11,94,732 orders this year.  

A special ice-cream filled falooda was ordered over 6000 times in Mumbai. Another favourite, ‘choco pie and drink’ was ordered 79,242 times in Chandigarh alone. Consumers ordered 3 lakh cakes on Swiggy, with black-forest being the most preferred one.

Other popular sweet treats include death by chocolate, tender coconut ice cream, tiramisu ice cream and kesar halwa. 

In terms of top food trends this year, Swiggy found that orders for Kichidi grew rapidly from January to November with a 128% increase in orders. Further, a variety of thalis like methi malai paneer, dhaaba dal with rice and chapatis thali, gobi matar masala, dal makhani with jeera rice and chapatis thali and the mini dosa, idli, vada and sambar thali have found a special place on consumers’ meal tables.

New cities

Swiggy is currently present in over 530 cities in India. Swiggy said in the report that smaller cities that embraced food delivery this year were Guntur, Warangal, Madurai and Vizag, with an average of over 1000 orders per day within the first week of launch itself.  Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, Swiggy claims, received more than 2,500 on the day of its launch.

Swiggy’s Wonder Women

Swiggy’s current delivery fleet of over 2.3 Lakh active delivery partners has over 1000 women delivery partners. Sudha from Kochi was Swiggy’s top woman delivery partner for completing over 6,838 orders having joined Swiggy only 13 months ago.

Eating healthy

With Indians becoming more mindful of their eating habits, Swiggy has seen a significant uptake in Keto specific items ordered. With overall orders for healthy options crossing 3.5 lakhs this year, the latest food trend is the Ketogenic diet.

Swiggy noticed a 306% increase in Keto specific items ordered in 2019. Dishes like Keto brownies, Keto friendly Tuscan Chicken and Healthy Red Rice Poha were some of the most ordered in the healthy category. Keto Brownies are the most indulged sweet treat. Swiggy’s analysis showed that there was a 249% increase in healthy food orders including keto.

'Every dish had its day'

Some food items saw record-breaking orders on particular days.

Gulab Jamun - February 17, Doughnut - February 24, Coffee - May 12, Ice-cream - May 12, French fries - June 16, Pizza - September 22, Khichdi - September 29, biryani - October 20, Kebabs - October 20, Tea - October 20.

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