Sundar Pichai is the new bad meme: 'Quotes' that the Google CEO wouldn't have dreamed of making

If 'quote inventors' are to be believed, Pichai has spoken about NEET, beef and Seeman too!
 Sundar Pichai is the new bad meme: 'Quotes' that the Google CEO wouldn't have dreamed of making
Sundar Pichai is the new bad meme: 'Quotes' that the Google CEO wouldn't have dreamed of making
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Sundar Pichai is fast becoming the anti-UNESCO. For every imagined UNESCO award, there's now a quote the Google CEO wouldn't have dreamed of making.

In the past few days, you may have come across a certain snippet what seems to be Google CEO Sundar Pichai's comment on the new cattle slaughter rules. 

Source: Twitter

According to this photo, Pichai expresses his concern about the unemployed Indian youth and then goes on to advise that India should concentrate on "people's welfare and not their food habits".

And unsurprisingly, many jumped on Pichai, dissing him, asking him to keep his nose out of India's business. 

Did Pichai really say this? Well, there is no evidence of the same and even his name is spelled wrong in the quote attributed to him. According to some people on social media, this quote was actually invented for fun as an example of how fake news spreads online. Ironically, it seems to have become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Don't believe us that it's fake news? Check out Check4Spam, which has debunked this as fake news too.  

That's not all! Pichai, according to another quote that was apparently invented for fun, even spoke about NEET exam. 

"Being born in poor family, I share the pain of Medical Students. Exams like NEET is a clear threat to common people and destroys the true talents. If I had to face exams like NEET, I would have never become a CEO," he said, it seems

And some people seem so obsessed with Sundar Pichai, they've even imagined up a Tamil quote by the Google CEO about Seeman - the leader of the Naam Tamilar party.

According to a screenshot, BJP leader H Raja retweeted a picture with a comment attributed to Pichai.

In this picture, Pichai supposedly comments on Seeman, a Naam Tamilar Katchi leader, saying, "If Seeman is a Tamilian, why does he criticise only Hinduism. How are Urdu speaking Muslims tamils, then? How are English speaking Christians Tamil? The reason why I write this in Tamil, is because Seeman is Tamil. Do not put on a mask at your convenience. Seeman, do not humiliate Tamils."

The tweet itself seems to have been deleted and is no longer available on H Raja's Twitter timeline. 

Here are a couple of more fake quote memes.

At the rate at which Pichai comments are appearing, Google will need a tool just to combat them.

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