'Suhail began demanding money right after marriage': Mofiya's friend to TNM

Mofiya’s friend told TNM that before marriage, Suhail's mother had told Mofiya's parents that they don't want any money or dowry. However, after marriage, their demands began.
Mofiya Parveen wearing a pink salwar and holding her dupatta that is covering her head
Mofiya Parveen wearing a pink salwar and holding her dupatta that is covering her head
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All was well before Mofiya’s marriage with Suhail, but there was a sudden switch in Suhail’s behaviour and that allegedly pushed the 21-year-old law student to suicide, Mofiya’s friend told The News Minute on Wednesday, November 24. Mofiya Parveen Dilshad took her life on Monday night, November 23, and in her suicide note, she named her husband Muhammed Suhail, his parents Yusuf and Rukhia. She also named Aluva Circle Inspector CL Sudhir, who her family alleges behaved rudely to her.

Mofiya’s friend Jovin told TNM that Mofiya had come back to her parent’s home in Aluva three months after her marriage, and had told her parents and brother about the issues she faced at her husband's house. Jovin says initially Mofiya talked about minor problems in her marriage — like her husband was avoiding her and would behave in a ‘negative’ manner. 

But in a more startling revelation, Jovin also told TNM that Mofiya had accused Suhail of sexually abusing her. "She never spoke about domestic violence, but she told me that he had sexually abused her. Mofiya had mentioned the sexual abuse to the police in her complaint," he says.

"Suhail's mother had told Mofiya's parents that they don't want any money or dowry. However, after marriage, their demands began. They wanted a land adjacent to their house to be brought as dowry, they also called her brother and complained that nothing much was given to her, including gold," Jovin recounts.

Mofiya hailed from Kerala’s Aluva and was studying for LLB at a college in Thodupuzha. Suhail began messaging her on Facebook after her family had earlier rejected his proposal through a marriage broker, and they began their relationship. Suhail and Mofiya got married in April this year. According to Jovin, Suhail had said that he had a job in the UAE, and that he was a vlogger. Soon after the wedding, Suhail reportedly told Mofiya that he wanted to become a movie producer, and that he would need Rs 40 lakh to make a movie.

"He told her and her family that he was working in the Gulf, and had built a new house in Kothamangalam. After marriage, however, Suhail told Mofiya that he had quit that job and wanted to write movie scripts and get into the film industry. His family also said that Suhail needs money for filmmaking. They harassed her emotionally for the money," Jovin told TNM.

Suhail’s brother lived in the Gulf, and used to send money to his parents. The family would live with those funds, along with Mofiya’s earnings as an artist. 

"Suhail used to take Mofiya's money and buy things for his house. He used to pretend to his parents that he had money to purchase things," Jovin recalls.

A few weeks before Mofiya's death, her local mosque in Aluva had called the couple for a session. "The mosque officials called the two families, but Suhail’s behaviour and foul language made the officials tell Mofiya that the talaq was a good idea. It was people at the mosque who told her to approach the police. They told her that he is a criminal and he should not be left alone. The mosque declared its support. While she was preparing to go to the police, he sent her a talaq notice and a Rs 2,500 money order. She returned it saying she would not accept it, and she would go to the police,” Jovin said.  

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Tamil Nadu 

State health department's suicide helpline: 104

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Life Suicide Prevention: 78930 78930

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State government's suicide prevention (tollfree): 104

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