Koode was launched in September last year.

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Flix Mollywood Friday, May 07, 2021 - 18:07

The independent Malayalam OTT platform Koode was launched in September last year by the house of Studio Mojo, which also introduced one of India’s first OTT platforms iStream.com. Following the launch of the OTT platform, Studio Mojo announced recently that software firm Brightcove Inc. has been chosen to provide an online video platform for Koode.  

Koode which translates to ‘with you’, aims to provide a platform for Malayalis across the globe to discover content in the form of music, food, travel, news, movies, short films, web series and podcasts that are close to their heart.  

Studio Mojo has chosen the Brightcove video platform to power Koode hoping that the video platform would simplify management and delivery of premium video content by allowing audiences to access the content using different devices in a secure and reliable manner. Speaking about Brightcove, Radhakrishnan Ramachandran, the founder of Studio Mojo said, “We are thrilled to work with Brightcove because they provide us with the scalability, reliability and security needed, so we can focus on our core objective of showcasing and monetising Malayalam content.” 

With an increased impetus on promoting digital alternatives amid the pandemic, developers, content providers and audiences have turned to OTT platforms. Subhashish Gupta, Brightcove’s Managing Director noted that the increase in demand for niche content indicates that 2021 will be an evolutionary year for the video industry. “We’re proud to power Koode and enable Studio Mojo strategy to revolutionise regional video entertainment content in India,” Subhash stated in a press statement.  

Koode will be monetizing its services through ads and subscription payment models. 

Studio Mojo is one of India’s leading digital media networks. They were one of the first few content providers to explore Malayalam web series. Studio Mojo is a not only a well-known distributor of South Indian movies, but the team also manages the digital assets and YouTube channels for major TV networks including Sony, India Today and Network 18 among others.