Student of University of Hyd attempts suicide by setting herself on fire

The 25-year-old victim suffered 45-50% burns and is availing treatment at Osmania General Hospital.
Student of University of Hyd attempts suicide by setting herself on fire
Student of University of Hyd attempts suicide by setting herself on fire
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A 25-year-old first-year MSc student from the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Hyderabad, attempted suicide by setting herself on fire in the wee hours of Wednesday. The student, Neetu, hailing from Odisha told police that she didn’t do well in her studies and hence attempted to kill herself.

Neetu is presently availing treatment at the state-run Osmania General Hospital. She suffered 40-50% burns, according to the doctors from the University who offered medical aid initially.

According to the Gachibowli police, the incident occurred around 1 am. Police said that she attempted to kill herself twice. “Initially she set her skirt on fire but dabbed it quickly. Then, she again did the same and suffered injuries on her back, hips and legs. Fortunately, the girl rushed to the toilet which was right opposite her hostel room and sat under the water tap. Else she would have had even more serious injuries,” said a policeman.

The students said that they heard cries of someone and found Neetu under the tap. The students immediately rushed her to the health care centre in the university. As the injuries were serious, she was taken to a private hospital in Gachibowli. Owing to medical expenses, she was later shifted to Osmania, police said.

Speaking to TNM, a police officer said, “The girl seems depressed. When we went to take her statement, she said that she couldn’t qualify for the NET (national eligibility test) twice and hence resorted to suicide. We have not filed any case yet.”

How to help someone suffering from depression

When a person you know, or is close to you, is experiencing depression, the three most important things that you can offer them is love, support and a gentle but firm push towards proper professional help. And all of this needs empathy.

How can you use the empathy to help them? How can you develop that empathy? Here is a list of things you can do to help them out of depression.

- Show emotional support, understanding, patience and encouragement.

- Speak to them, let them express, and listen to them carefully.

- Never dismiss their feelings or undermine their pain.

- Never ignore references to suicide. Report them to your loved one's therapist.

- Invite your loved one out for walks, outings and other activities that they used to like. But be sure not to push them too much if they are reluctant.

- Accompany them to the therapist if they ask you too.

- Remind your loved one that with time and counselling, they will overcome the depression.

- Do not be tough on your loved one, support them through the rough patch.

- Make them laugh and show them that you care and remind them of their strengths.

- Convince them to avail of professional assistance.

- Arrange for hospitalisation if they are experiencing suicidal tendencies, hallucinations or delusions.

- Don’t give up on the person — they might need to hear repeatedly from several people around them that they deserve to feel better.

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