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The News Minute | August 1, 2014 | 04:07 pm IST Getting harassed on the street is something common to innumerable women from across the world. Some men brush past, some are experts at groping, a few wink and make imaginative, drool-worthy gestures with their eyes, while many put to use their rich vocabulary to pass lewd remarks.  Does this mean that a woman is solely responsible for her safety when she steps outside the protection of her home? There are women who know how to give a befitting reply to those harassing them. But there are also those who are often find themselves paralyzed in such situations, unable to respond.  A video uploaded by Vocative on YouTube called Street Harassment: Sidewalk Sleazebags and Metro Molesters attempts to give a glimpse into the experiences that a few women have had to deal with. The video also tries open up a discussion on how street harassment is all about power and not about sex. Needless to say, these few women represent millions of their counterparts from across the globe.  The video is not merely about agreeing or disagreeing to whether it is justified to complain about street harassment. It is a social problem which, contrary to what many would like to think, does exist among us. We all are a part of it; perpetrators and victims. Those who raise their voices against a wrong usually also happen to be the ones on the receiving end. Choosing to ignore it in the garb of she-was-dressed-provocatively or women-should-take-catcalls-as compliments is nothing except nasty and unacceptable.  A look at the comments below the video and it looks like a men vs women battlefield- savage and gory. There are more women who agree to it, simply because they happen to deal with it mostly. Some men too do agree and put across sensible inputs. However, as long as there are people who believe that a woman's clothes are directly proportional to her getting sexually harassed or assaulted and even justified to some extent, sadly, women have no one but themselves to turn for protection.  For those who ask what is the point of this video showing a couple of women telling us their stories of harassment, since it is anything but uncommon and new, what are you doing to stop it?  Similar experiment was done in Delhi. Read- What happens when a woman wearing shorts walks in Delhi's Connaught place?
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