'Verbal lessons over, time for slap’: Pro-Hindutva group Veera Kesari, has put up an FB post asking Hindu women to stop mingling with men of other religions or face the consequences.

Stay away from men of other faiths Right wing FB group threatens Hindu women
news Moral Policing Wednesday, January 03, 2018 - 17:01

After the horrifying attack on college students by a pro-Hindutva group in Mangaluru, now Veera Kesari – A Facebook page known for its inflammatory and misogynistic comments, has put up a post “warning all Hindu women to stay away from men belonging to other faiths”.

Titled – “Verbal lessons are over, warnings were also given, now is it time for a tight slap”, this post instructs “Hindu girls of Moodabidri area” to stop associating with men belonging to other religions or face the consequences.

“It has come to our notice that certain anti-religious activities have been going on and these are spoiling our culture. The reason for this is love jihad. If religious education is strong enough, such incidents will not happen. This is the last warning to all women in Moodabidri and surrounding areas. If there are people of other religions in your college and you interact with them, without listening to you, we will resort to mob justice and beat you up. There may be a hundred reasons but we won’t give any explanation,” the post reads.

Shockingly, the post says that several pro-Hindutva organisations will henceforth, have their activists watch women who attend college and “constantly monitor” their activities.

The post warns women of Moodabidri against “associating with Beary boys”. Beary is a language spoken by a certain Muslim community in Uttara Kannada and Dakshina Kannada district.

“We have tried giving advice, we have tried to warn you (women). Those who are clever listen to words, those who are not clever enough, will get beaten up. In the name of college photoshoots, a lot of girls are stepping out of college with men of other faiths. Our young men are there in every college to monitor your activities. Even if you go to another village to have fun with men of other religions, we will find you. If you (women) are with any Beary man, then you will receive more beatings than the man you are with,” the post reads.

The post says that the pro-Hindutva groups have geared up to ensure that Hindu women do not associate with men of other faiths. “Those who want to get beaten up, continue playing your games,” the post warns.

On Tuesday, members of the pro-Hindutva group, Hindu Jagarana Vedike had attacked a college girl for mingling with men of other faiths.

A video showing this scene was taken outside the Manasa water park in Pilikula, where the pro-Hindutva activists are clearly seen assaulting a girl in broad daylight, in front of the police.

The two men had taken objection to a group of students belonging to different religious communities who had come to enjoy a picnic at the water park.

Dakshina Kannada district has witnessed several cases of moral policing in the recent past, with four cases being reported within a span of 10 days.

On December 31, an aspiring actor called out police officials for harassing her and her friend, a Muslim youth, at Kukke Subramanya police station because they belonged to different communities.

Dakshina Kannada Superintendent of Police conducted an inquiry into the matter and initiated action against the policemen guilty of harassing the actor and her friend.

In another incident, a few Muslim youths took on a group of teenagers including two girls from different communities for interacting in public on December 25.