Unsurprisingly, younger Americans are very receptive to eSports.

State of eSports in the USA
Tuesday, September 28, 2021 - 11:48

What is the state of eSports in the USA?

In the USA, there has been an official association since 2007 that takes care of everything concerning electronic sports. In order to ensure the developments and the current status quo, market analyses take place at regular intervals. 

Current Market Analysis - eSports in USA

In the last analysis in September and October 2019, the focus was on the status of eSports and the potential of the industry in the USA. Within the study, the target groups were examined, which were gamers between the ages of 15 and 55. Unsurprisingly, younger Americans are very receptive to eSports. The majority of the relevant target group is not only interested in electronic sports, but also in concerts and music festivals. 

Those who play computer games themselves at regular intervals are mostly interested in eSports. In addition, there are more and more connections between the top games and the sports betting of online casinos. Starting from portals like, there are often lucrative bonuses for the new players at the leading bookmakers. Numerous providers give new customers and interested parties a bonus of up to 100$, which is then linked to different voucher conditions.

The Playing Behaviour & Interests of eSport Fans

With regard to the market analysis, it was noticed that fans are also interested in certain games, which include Call of Duty, FIFA or Fortnite, among others. If the users play themselves but are not enthusiastic about electronic sports, they mostly like completely different games than the eSports fans. 

There are clear differences between the sexes, as only 27 percent of fans are female, whereas 73 percent are male. Further differences can be found in the hobbies. In addition, the interest in sports betting often increases among the followers of electronic sports. In this context, there is the chance to bet on the winner of the entire tournament and the individual rounds. Alternatively, betting on special events is not possible, but requires insider knowledge.

The current trends in the eSport scene

In the USA, the eSports scene is probably still in its infancy, although an upward trend can no longer be denied. This is not least due to the increasing popularity of individual streamers who regularly bring an audience of tens of thousands of fans to the displays via their channels such as Twitch and YouTube. However, these are not the most successful players, but the gamers who convince with their special style, charm and wit. It remains to be said that the eSports market is growing from a nerdy niche to a real mainstream sport that captivates an international audience all over the world. 

The top stars battle it out at international tournaments

Among the highlights of the eSports scene are the international competitions and the world championships, where millions are at stake for the winners. Here, previously unknown gamers make it to real fame at a young age. Johan Sundstein is a professional gamer from Denmark who has meanwhile earned an estimated fortune of about 6.9 million dollars through eSports. Equally successful are international eSports stars such as Jesse Vainikka, Anathan Pham and Sebastien Debs. 

The players' origins have no further impact on their achievements and reputation. After all, it is a digital sport that can be played regardless of one's current location. Nevertheless, it is a great attraction for many fans to take part in the tournaments on site to catch the exciting atmosphere and immerse themselves in the middle of the action. In the USA, no one can deny the great opportunities and potential of eSports - in the next few years, gamers in this country will gain in popularity and attract even more attention.

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