Do you need to stand up to stand up for your nation? This video asks an important question.

The Stand Up Project This Jana Gana Mana rendition will give you goosebumps
Social Disability Sunday, December 03, 2017 - 18:29

In October, a disabled man in Assam was verbally abused for not standing up for the national anthem even though the Supreme Court said in April that persons with disability need not stand.

This was one of the many manifestations of a debate which has been raging in India for several months now. While some have argued that standing for the national anthem should be a given, others have stated that forced nationalism makes no one more patriotic.

Now, a Bengaluru production house has come up with a different take on standing up for the national anthem.

Avakkai Films has produced a special rendition of the national anthem, featuring athletes, artists, and other professionals from various fields.

Ashwin Naidu, the founder of Avakkai Films and director, said in a note accompanying the video, “While the whole nation debates standing up for the national anthem or not, here’s our call to the people to find something worth standing up for.” 

In the video, you see a number of people, each singing a line or a verse of Jana Gana Mana. But there’s a revelation at the end.

Watch the video here:

As it becomes clear by the end of the video, all the people and professionals featured in the video are persons with disability.

Eminent people featured in the video include, Shalini Saraswathi (National marathon runner), MS Nagendra (theatre artist), Ashwin Karthik SN (National award winner), Shiva Prasad S (National tennis player) and more.

The video was released on YouTube on December 1, just two days before International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3).

“It’s a call to everyone out there to stand up for something bigger and make this December 2017 mark something Global and create a movement out of it, #DecemberForTheDifferentlyAbled,” the note accompanying the video said.

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