The students claim that the college has said that Baalu will remain in the campus manager post

Sri Sai Ram students go on a rampage after facilities were cut off and goons allegedly beat them up
news Monday, October 12, 2015 - 09:49

Hostel students of the Sri Sai Ram Engineering College went on a rampage on Sunday in the college premises, breaking furniture and threatening to jump off the building, after some goons allegedly entered the college hostel to threaten and assault students involved in recent protests. The students also allege that they have not been given proper facilities.

A student told The News Minute, "For the past two days the management has cut off food, water and electricity supply for the hostel students because they refused to sign a letter requesting Balu to come back  which has led to a protest inside the campus."

A college student told  The New Indian Express, “A few goons entered the hostel and started beating up students, who were leading the recent protests against the college rules. The power supply was disconnected to hide the identity of the goons. They ran out of the hostel after the students raised an alarm.”

He also added that the management had called the police and they also attacked the students.

The students not only damaged college property but also threatened to jump off the terrace if the police tried to arrest them. By Sunday afternoon, the college called parents and asked them to take students home. The students claim that the college has said that Baalu will remain in the campus manager post with the 25 floor supervisors in the college.

The management said on Sunday afternoon that issues had been resolved and the parents agreed to follow management’s instructions. They denied disconnecting power supply to hostel as told to The Times of India.

The students felt that the Anna University committee which had visited the campus earlier to sort out their problems did not listen to their complaints.

Moreover, the students have left the hostel and the college will remain shut today.