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The News Minute | October 25, 2014 | 03:42 pm IST  Twitter has been abuzz with a lot of gossip and speculations lately- all with its respective dose of ‘spice’ and ‘masala’, coming from an ‘insider’.  Lutyens' in Delhi, where lies the power corridors of the country, is considered a treasure trove of information. And some who claim to have access to such knowledge have come forward to share and spread tit bits every now and then.  Of course, the authenticity of what the at-times-cryptic-tweets suggest cannot be vouched for.  On October 17, Lutyens' Spice, which claims to be ‘Lutyens' official gossip channel’, put out their first tweet.  Rajnath's PA has been meeting editors at a coffee shop in Khan Market to brief them about Modi's dictatorial approach. @joydas @brownbrumby — Lutyens' Spice (@LutyensSpice) October 17, 2014 True to its description, it has been serving gossip to readers and its growing popularity can be gauged by the 10.9 K followers it has garnered till now. Replete with gossip naming several ministers in the high echelons of the Modi government, Lutyens' Spice, one could assume, is managed by some in the Left wing.  Then there is Lutyens Masala which is run by a ‘Retired right wing hack who now operates from a Lutyens' living room.’ No mingling of words there.  Ah, Lutyens’ world. The spice girls have forced me – a right wing Lutyens’ hack – to come out of hiding, to counter false gossip with true. — Lutyens Masala (@LutyensMasala) October 24, 2014 This account, a counter to Lutyens' Spice, spills secrets of the media, while the media is busy spilling others’ secrets.  The third Twitter account, Lutyens Insider claims to be a ‘Journalist. Political beat. Burdened by peer pressure not to reveal true self. So letting you know the truth.’ The ‘journalist’ who is willing to ‘tell all on Twitter’ about gossip related to journalists, frequently breaks into Modi mode- how the PM does not ignores the media, and how Lutyens journalists are now 'waking up to how Modi works'. Twitter now seems to have become a war zone, with everyone wanting to unveil a piece of secret from Lutyens’. It will interesting to see if any significant piece of information comes out of this in the following time.  Until then Twitteratis are having a fun time choosing from an array of gossip straight from the headquarters, and those feeling bombarded with Lutyens’ information are tweeting right back. What’s to lose?  I think main agenda of this Press meeting by Modi was to find out who is behind these Lutyens accounts — Lutyens blunder (@bwoyblunder) October 25, 2014 Oh dear! How many #Lutyens to follow, man? Too much pressure. — Lopamudra Ghatak (@cyclopsee) October 25, 2014 There are now more secret-sharing twitter accounts about "Lutyen’s Delhi" than the actual number of people who live in Lutyen’s Delhi. — Overrated Outcast (@over_rated) October 25, 2014 So within 24 hours; "Lutyens" has become synonym of "Gossip". And Gossip has same nutritional value as Coke. You know the fizz..right?? :)) — Yashwant Deshmukh (@cvoter) October 25, 2014 Some Twitter users have also changed the name of their accounts, adding 'Lutyen's' to it- a testimony to the fad it has become.  This is perhaps one of the best tweets of the lot.  Dear Lutyens Handles insted of peddling gossip, back it with factual details and write for Moneylife or Newsminute — MediaWatcher (@India_MSM) October 25, 2014