news Wednesday, June 17, 2015 - 05:30
    Chennai’s consistent attempts at enforcing road safety rules are well known.    Just as the Madras High Court passed a deadline for the second time making helmets mandatory for two-wheeler riders from July 7, police have recently made a distinctive attempt at dissuading riders from breaking the rules.    The court has announced more stringent measures against offenders including impounding of vehicles. However, on Sunday morning a group of 14 bikers found speeding near Chennai were given a unique sort of punishment by being told to strip down, reported Times of India.   Fourteen bikers aged between 19 to 25 were stopped by the Mahabalipuram police after they were found speeding near the entrance to the town early Sunday morning. However, after taking them in for questioning, not only were they asked pay a fine of Rs 1200 each, they were told to strip down.    According to the report, police said that they were only following procedure needed to note down the colour of the accused’s clothes and their birthmarks.   However, human rights activists believe that the Criminal Procedure Code did not make any mention that the colour of an offender’s underwear needed to be noted down.