Speaking of patriotism in Karnataka: Kuvempu's song with a new twist

The video was viewed 1.5 lakh times in three days
Kuvempu song modern twist
Kuvempu song modern twist
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Anybody who has lived in Bengaluru (even for a few months) would have a fair idea of how multilingual the city is. Even an auto-rickshaw driver can speak more than two languages apart from the local language in a city which is home to a large migrant population, giving it a truly cosmopolitan character.

After Suvarna News 24x7 released a video called “Rocking Bengaluru”, ahead of the civic polls in the state capital, it is now the state government’s turn.

In collaboration with Krupakar Senani Features, the Information and Public Relations department has come up with a new version of Kuvempu's song - "Baarisu Kannada Dindimava". In comparison with already available renditions of the song, which resemble a bhajana or a bhava geethe (a type of song in the region), this one is all set to ignite cultural pride with the beat of a heady drum.

The video has been uploaded on YouTube by at least three different users, but the one by Sunil R has been viewed over 1.5 lakh times in three days.

Incidentally Kuvempu, who has been awarded the title Rashtrakavi by the state government, has composed the song Jai Bharata Jananiya Tanujathe which has been adopted as the state’s anthem. Unfortunately, since the time of its adoption, the length of the song which makes it difficult for it to be sung at public events, has become a major talking point.

Trivia: The music for the song is composed by Poornachandra Tejaswi, not the Rashtrakavi’s son, but another man with the same name. Bearing the initials SV. Poornachandra Tejaswi, SV has also composed music for the song Thinbedakammi in Lucia - Kannada’s first crowd-funded film.

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