The drummer, Thirumeni Balamurugan, is a part of the Australia Tamil Arts of the Sydney NSW chapter.

The sound of the Parai resonates at Black Lives Matter protest in Sydney
news Protest Monday, June 08, 2020 - 15:55

A large group of people gather in a circle, and watch a woman dance to the beat of the Parai, one of the oldest Indian drums. People could be seen clapping and singing and in the middle of the circle of protesters is drummer Thirumeni Balamurugan, playing the Parai. In the video that went viral, one of  the protesters comes forward, dancing to its tunes as others present at the spot cheer on. Her glasses fall off her head but she dances on.

It almost seemed like a scene from South India, but here, the message that was reverberating with the beats of the Parai was that black lives matter. The video is not from south India, but is from a Black Lives Matter protest in Sydney, Australia, which was held on Saturday. 

The drummer, Thirumeni Balamurugan, is a part of the Australia Tamil Arts of the Sydney NSW chapter. 

The Parai is a percussion instrument made from the skin of a dead calf. While it was once associated only with funerals, it has now become an integral part of many political rallies, and has been seen as a symbol of resistance. It is also played at temple festivals and weddings.  


#TamilDrum (Parai பறை) Symbol of Solidarity Tamil drum( Parai) in Sydney (Australia ) uniting people against racism, condemning the racial genocides and solidarity gathering for justice .. நேற்று (6/06/2020)சிட்னியில் இனவெறிப் படுகொலைகளை கண்டித்தும் , சமத்துவத்தை வலியுறுத்தியும் நடந்த மாபெரும் மக்கள் பேரணியில் மனித இனத்தின் ஆதி இசையாம் தமிழர் பறை முழக்கம்... ஆதித் தமிழன் ஒலித்த பறை! அடிமைத் தளையை உடைத்த பறை! நன்றி‌; பாலமுருகன் திருமேனி (மதிப்பிற்குரிய‌ ஆசான்) முத்தரசு கோச்சடை அரவிந்த் குருசாமி Thank you Thirumeni Balamurugan முத்தரசு கோச்சடை Aravinth Gurusamy #BlackLivesMatter #SydneySolidarity #ParaiBeats4Justice Australia Tamil Arts -Sydney NSW Chapter #ATACDC Australia Tamil Arts & Culture Centre (தமிழ்க்கலைகள் & பண்பாட்டு மையம்) விரைவில்# ஆசுத்திரேலியா தமிழ்க் கலைகளுக்கான மாபெரும் செயல் திட்டம் ஆசுத்திரேலியா தமிழ்க் கலைகள் 2022 Australia Tamil Arts2022 நோக்கி நமது பயணம் தொடர்ந்து சிறக்க வாழ்த்துக்கள் ..

Posted by Ismail Meeran on Saturday, June 6, 2020

Protests erupted in many countries across the world after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis in the United States. Floyd died after a white police officer knelt on his neck till he died, even after he pleaded that he could not breathe. 

Tens of thousands of people staged mass protests titled ‘Black Lives Matter’ across Australia on Saturday in support of the movement.

The protests were not only against the May 25 police custody death of the unarmed African-American man George Floyd, but they also highlighted the mistreatment and marginalisation of Australia's Aboriginal people, the BBC reported.

Banners reading "I can't breathe", remembered the words of Floyd before his death, while another said: "Same story, different soil". Many held placards that read “Black Lives Matter”.

Rallies were also organised in Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and elsewhere, the BBC added.

The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service told the Guardian that people could not remain silent while “police violence is unchecked and continues to kill our people”.

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