With no help in sight, people are taking to social media to request for immediate rescue.

SOS videos flood Internet as people in Kerala try to reach out for help
news Kerala Floods Thursday, August 16, 2018 - 11:35

As heavy rains continue to lash Kerala and several parts witness increasing inundation, social media platforms are flooded with SOS (save of souls) video messages from people who are forced to take refuge on the terraces and top floors of their houses.

With increasing rains, flood waters have entered houses in several districts, including Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha. This has forced many residents, including children, pregnant women and the elderly, to shift to the top floors and terraces of their houses. Many have been stranded there for a few days now without food, water, electricity and barely any charge left on their cell phones.

As calls to control rooms go unanswered, people continue to wait for the rescue operation teams to provide them with boat or airlift services and relocate them to a safer place.

In one video, a man from Chengannur can be heard asking for immediate help. “Dear people, we are stranded in a two-storey house near KTDC Sarathy Hotel. People in several houses here too are stranded. Since last evening, we are told that the Navy will come to our rescue; but, until now, nobody has come to our rescue. We probably have only one hour to be rescued or live, as the flood water has reached the first storey. We do not have one more level to take refuge. Please share this video and get it to the attention of the officials concerned.”



Posted by Teena Thomas on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

In another video, a woman is seen requesting officials to rescue her family from her house near Malakkara on Chengannur-Kozhenchery route. “Since last night, we have been marooned here on the first floor, alone, with no food and electricity. In a few hours, water levels will come up to the first floor. I request the officials to get us out of here,” she said.

Unfortunately, with relief camps, too, being innundated, video messages requesting for help are also pouring in from there as well.