Innocent apologised for being silent on the behaviour of some AMMA members.

Sorry for members behaviour but Dileep says no hand in conspiracy AMMA President Innocent
news Wednesday, July 05, 2017 - 11:32

A week after the controversial press meet by the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA), the president of the organisation, actor and Member of Parliament Innocent, has apologised for the behavior of certain members. 

"I apologise on behalf of Ganesh and Mukesh. Some of our members hooted and that was wrong too,” he said.

Mukesh and Ganesh, both MLAs and actors, had lost their cool at the media for questioning AMMA’s stance on the abduction and sexual assault of an actor, and derogatory comments made later by other artistes.

Innocent apologised for being silent as others on the stage took on the media.

“It was wrong for me to be silent. I was embarrassed, but I should have asked those who hooted to keep quiet. I did not do so, since it was unexpected. It was not preplanned,” he told the media.

Innocent reiterated that AMMA would support the female star who had been assaulted, and also actor Dileep, who had been dragged into the controversy.

“Even my image has been spoiled because of this. When we make a ruckus about things, people will not like it. We are with Dileep and everyone who is a member of AMMA, the women members also have our support,” he said.

Innocent also rubbished rumours that he was quitting as President of AMMA. Admitting that many of his friends in the industry had forced him to take up the post, Innocent said that he would not give it up now.

He also added that he had asked Dileep if he had anything to do with the conspiracy surrounding the actor’s abduction.

“We're with the victim just as we would be with our sister. I asked Dileep yesterday if there is any truth to the accusations. He said no,” Innocent claimed.

He also added that the issue should not be discussed more because the courts and police are investigating the matter.

Innocent in his signature style ended the press meet asking the media, “You got enough for today evening?”