The Walkman WS623 is bring positioned as a product designed for sportspersons and those who are often outdoors.

Sony launches bluetooth-enabled waterproof Walkman in India
Atom Tech Shorts Saturday, June 17, 2017 - 19:12
Written by  S. Mahadevan

Sony India has announced a Walkman, model NW-WS623, for the Indian market and this is a wireless Bluetooth-enabled headset type device in black color.

The Walkman can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and any amount of music enjoyed while on the go. There is 4GB storage memory on the device to store music and other files.

The Sony Walkman WS623 is being positioned by the company as a product designed for sportspersons and those who are often outdoors. There are specific features to strengthen this claim. Firstly, the battery is powerful enough to run unhindered for about 12 hours on a single full charge. Additionally, if charged for just three minutes, the device can keep running for around an hour, claims Sony.

The new Walkman has also been bestowed with the dust and water resistance certification, IP65/68. The device is also rugged enough to run smoothly in a wide temperature range, from -5°C to 45°C. The company itself specifies that their new product is targeted at mountaineers, swimmers and other categories of sportspersons and adventurists who would want to carry their favorite music when they are out.

Yet another feature in this new Sony Walkman WS 623 is the ‘Ambient Sound Mode’. In this mode, you can listen to the sounds near you without having to remove the headset. This is a normal phenomenon where people wearing headsets cannot hear any sounds near them and that can either irritate the others around them or can result in the wearer of the headset missing out on some important sound in the vicinity.

What’s more, the bluetooth connectivity ensures you can also make and attend to voice calls on your smartphone with the built-in microphone facilitating clear sound during the conversation.

Sony has priced this device at Rs 8, 990, and it is available in only black color and can be purchased from Sony Centers or their website or from online retailers for electronic goods.