"Sonia Gandhi is a good woman but Congress leaders in Telangana misled her,” KTR said.

Sonia Gandhi being misled by Congress leaders in Telangana KTR
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Telangana caretaker IT Minister KT Rama Rao on Saturday said that UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi was a good person but she was misled by Congress leaders in the state, who 'forced' her to lie at a public meeting held at the outskirts of Hyderabad on Friday. 

“Sonia has been out of politics for some time but they gave her wrong information about Telangana. She said she feels sad for Telangana. Yes, she should feel sad but not for Telangana. Congress ministers from other states have appreciated the development taking place in Telangana. Sonia Gandhi is a good woman but Congress leaders in Telangana are worst characters who misled her,” KTR was quoted as saying.  

KTR, was speaking at the ‘Mana Hyderabad Mana Andari Hyderabad’ program in Kukatpally where local TRS candidate Madhavaram Krishna Rao was also present. 

On her first visit to Telangana after it came into being as a separate state in 2014, the former Congress president said the Congress accorded statehood though it had to pay a price for it.

Gandhi projected herself as the 'mother of Telangana' by stating that she is feeling happy to be in Telangana in the same manner as a mother would feel happy to see her child after many days.

"Every mother wants to see her children prosper, but I am pained to see the condition of the new state," she said. 

Meanwhile, appealing to settlers from Andhra Pradesh to vote for the TRS, KTR said that the reason for the ruling winning only two seats in the city in 2014 election was this fear created by the TDP and the Congress that non-Telanganites would face problems, if the TRS came to power. 

“But people realized very soon that the TRS had no such intentions. In the GHMC elections, the TRS won 99 seats as people reposed their trust in us," he said.

“As a child, I have witnessed many curfews in the city. But, I can proudly tell you that in the last four and a half years there was no curfew imposed, not even for an hour. Several lakh people from different parts of the country are living peacefully in Hyderabad. The country is looking at Telangana as a role model state when it comes to the safety of citizens,” he added. 

Alleging that the TDP was trying to divide people in the name of the region, he also said that irrespective of caste, region, and religion, the TRS had introduced welfare schemes for all. 


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