Son refuses to allow mother to enter home in Telangana over COVID-19 fears

The 80-year-old woman had recently travelled from Sholapur in Maharashtra.

An 80-year-old woman in Telangana’s Karimnagar was not allowed into her home by her son, who feared that she was coronavirus positive. The woman, Katta Shyamala, had gone to Sholapur in Maharashtra for a function before the lockdown and returned on Friday.

She came back via a private taxi from Sholapur to Karimnagar, but couldn’t inform her sons as she didn’t have their number. When Shayamala, who lives with her sons, attempted to enter her home, she was stopped at the gate by Narsimhachari, her elder son. While her younger son’s family reportedly locked his house and was not at home, the elder son didn't allow Shyamala to enter, allegedly questioning why he should have to take her responsibility. 

After learning about the matter, Edla Ashok, Corporator of Karimnagar Municipal Corporation reached out to the Shyamala and to convince her son's family to allow her inside. Shyamala also told the corporator that no one in the area where she had stayed in Sholapur, and none of her relatives with whom she stayed, had COVID-19. She was also not facing any health issues. 

After the corporator’s intervention, Narsimhachari and his wife allowed Shyamala into the house. Narsimhachari said that he was hesitant to let his mother into the house as his tenants and other local residents objected to it because she had a travel history to Maharashtra, which has a high number of COVID-19 patients.

Speaking on the matter, Edla Ashok observed, "COVID-19 broke an umbilical relationship, where a man ousted his own mother even though she didn't have COVID-19 symptoms. Local samaritans provided her with food and water."

Though Shayamala is staying at home now, authorities say that she should quarantine herself there. Speaking to TNM, Ashok said, "Following our intervention, and examination by medical officials, they (her son) allowed her to stay in the house. But she will stay in her own room for 14 days and will be preparing food on her own as well."

Karimnagar had in March emerged to have one of the first COVID-19 clusters in the state of Telangana. District authorities are ensuring that everyone who comes from other states adheres to 14-day home quarantine as per protocol.

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