Sometimes, humour can be the best coping mechanism, the trolls believe.

Some laughs among the tears Tamil and Malayalam memes on Donald Trumps victoryFacebook/ Chennai Memes
Flix Donald Trump Thursday, November 10, 2016 - 18:11

The US Presidential election was closely watched by the rest of the world, including India. It was a ghoulish contest with enough scandal and shockers and it's safe to say that the results have stunned most non-Americans. 

Sometimes, humour can be the best coping mechanism. So here's a collection of memes from Tamil Nadu and Kerala for all those unable to grapple with the reality of President Trump.
Who is your President?
Donald Trump.
Exquisite! Exquisite!
Vivek: Assault has stepped into the White House! I'm not responsible for all the accidents that happen.
What? Trump is the President that Kalaignar desired? If we let them, they'll say Trump is his relative!
Vellimoonga (a political satire)
Mohanlal: So you took all my techniques from "Peruchaazhi", didn't you?
Mohanlal: Black money issue in India has been decided! Trump has become the President! I've had enough of this life.
Mohanlal (Hillary) and Sreenivasan (Bill Clinton): Oh well, this country is going to the dogs anyway and we don't want to have anything to do with it. 

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