news Thursday, April 09, 2015 - 05:30
Tirupathi: Some are simply untouched by the events of the last few days in which 20 labourers from Tamil Nadu were shot by the Andhra Pradesh Red Sanders Anti Smuggling Task Force in "self defence", others have been taken by surprise. A man who works in a restaurant on TTD Road in Tirupati said that he had never heard of an encounter in the 23 years that he had worked in the restaurant. He said the encounter did not affect him in any manner. B K Naidu, who is a supervisor in a city hotel said that "police did the right thing" because the woodcutters "were doing wrong".  Saying he doesn't believe that 7 of the labourers were picked by the police from a bus, Naidu added: "If they are labourers coming for work, why should they engage in illegal activity by cutting these trees? If they had been killed when they were doing some other work, (it would have been wrong)." Asked of this was not to harsh a punishment when the real drivers behind the smuggling continued to be free, Naidu said "they killed Veerappan also, and that too was right.." A manager in a hotel B Krishna also expressed similar views. "They must have attacked the police, prompting the police to retaliate." When asked about the regional colour the incident was taking, Naidu said that people in Andhra did not have an issue with Tamilians. "The only fight there is, is against the red sanders smugglers, who loot the resources of the state." He added that there were a lot of Telugu speaking people in Chennai. Among the protestors demonstrating against the killing of the labourers at the Ruia hospital were a group of members of an Andhra Pradesh association of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Bhaskar of the Scheduled Castes Welfare Association said that it was regrettable that the labourers had been killed while the real smugglers were free. He said "The government knows who the real smugglers are. First officials and police are involved in this along with politicians. These labourers were unarmed, but the police had weapons (that is why it was wrong)."
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