His parents say he is a miracle child.

Six-year-old Bengaluru boy Lakshay back to school after seven-month long battle for life
news Health Thursday, January 05, 2017 - 18:59

Seeing six-year old Lakshay return to his school in Bengaluru on Wednesday after nearly seven months in hospital, his parents are overwhelmed with relief and happiness.

It was on 10 June last year that Lakshay hurt two fingers of his left hand while playing on a desk in his classroom at Bishop Cottons Boys School in the city. He slipped into a coma due to unexpected complications that arose during surgery at Mallya Hospital where he was rushed for treatment.

Lakshay was later shifted to Manipal hospital where he was on ventilator for almost 20 days. Even after he gradually regained his consciousness, doctors had warned his parents that there was a high probability that Lakshay would not be completely normal, or may even be paralysed.

But Wednesday reiterated his parents’ firm belief that Lakshay is indeed a miracle child. Sharing their joy with The News Minute, his mother Nandini Purushottam says:

“He has always been a miracle baby. We were actually not expecting such a recovery. A lot of our friends and families took time out from their regular work schedule to visit doctors. 

We have lost track of how many hospitals we visited, and the number of doctors we consulted. Every doctor we met was scared to treat him because he was so young. That was when someone recommended a doctor who referred us to neurosurgeon Dr Venkatramana of BGS Hospitals. Under his treatment, Lakshay has made a 70% recovery."

Although he cannot talk much, he can walk a little before he falls after taking a few steps. He is yet to regain complete balance, but this -according to his parents- is better than being bed-ridden for months. His speech is still slow. He cannot speak full sentences, but can communicate basic stuff.

"I drop him to school in the morning. I wait the whole day there, and then bring him back home. Lakshay is shy about meeting people outside. That is when we felt we should sent him to school. He is getting better by the day,” smiles Nandini.



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