Six judges of the Kerala high court have a college reunion every day at work
news Saturday, April 18, 2015 - 05:30
For this group of six friends, their college reunion did not have to be organized especially. It happened last week, after a series of events that began around seven years ago. And they are at present, working together at the Kerala High Court. When Justice B Sudheendra Kumar was sworn in as a judge of the Kerala High Court last Friday, he became the last of six friends from the 1982 batch of the Ernakulam Government Law College to join the college reunion, so to speak. The six of them were classmates during 1979 to 1982 at Ernakulam Government Law College, and like any other graduates, they too ways at the end of their course. But fate brought them together through a very rare reunion. Justice P R Ramachandra Menon said that wheels of this unique college reunion were set in motion in 2007. “It was Mohanan who joined the bench first in 2007, later Abdul Raheem and I was the third one to join.  Last year when Asha joined us, our other classmates had conducted a reunion party to congratulate five of us,” says justice Menon. The other judge of the batch is Justice A M Shafeeque. Justice Sudheendra Kumar, who was the last one to be sworn in as a judge of the Kerala High Court, had not attended college on the day this photo was taken. Menon says that the six of them still have the same warmth and love for each other. “The six of us were very close friends during our college days. We had never thought that we would be together working here in same city where we studied. We are really happy that one more added to our group. When we reunited here we never felt the gap of so many years,” he added. He also added that they planning to organize a reunion of all their classmates, including the present principal of the Ernakulam Law College Principal Lovely Paulose, to celebrate the joy of their friendship. Paulose says that she had invited all the judges except Justice Sudheendra Kumar for an interaction with the college students some time ago, and is looking forward to meeting all their classmates in the planned reunion. Justice Asha says: “Ours was a blessed batch, what else should I say at this moment? The presence of old friends is the happiest moments. Our batch had a special attachment. Actually we did not wish to leave college after the course completion, but we have never thought that we will be able to go to the past once again.” Asha added that the immense pride and pleasure they feel when they walk together in the verandah of the court was indescribable.