Ayyappa Dore, the former Vice Chancellor was hacked to death at RT Nagar in Bengaluru.

Sibling rivalry behind Alliance Uni ex-VC murder Bengaluru police arrest ChancellorSudhir G Angur / Allaince University website
news Crime Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 19:53

Police in Bengaluru on Thursday said that they have solved the sensational murder case of former Vice Chancellor of Alliance University D Ayyappa Dore within 48 hours of the crime and arrested two persons including the present Chancellor.

The accused in custody are Sudhir G Angur, Chancellor of Alliance University and Suraj Singh, an executive at the same university. According to police, Suraj Singh had allegedly carried out the crime at the behest of Sudhir to prevent his brother Madhukar from gaining control in the university.

Ayyapa Dore was seemingly shifting his allegiance towards Madhukar which allegedly prompted Sudhir to plot the crime. 

Addressing reporters on Thursday evening, City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao said, “Eight teams were constituted and we were able to make headway soon because there was already a dispute within Alliance University, it facilitated our investigation. Within a short time, we were able to zero in on Sudhir Angur who led us to Suraj Singh. Upon interrogation, he broke down and confessed about the murder. He mentioned to us that it was at the behest of Sudhir Angur that he carried out the murder along with four others.”

The Commissioner added that the murder was allegedly planned by Sudhir, who was assisted by an advocate. He also said, “We have averted the murder of another prominent citizen in this case. We questioned the people involved and in 24 hours we managed to make progress. Suraj Singh is a first time offender and not a contract killer.”

Bhaskar Rao said, “A total of five people are involved. They studied the movement pattern of the deceased and together under the direction of Sudhir they carried out the assassination.” However, four others are yet to be nabbed by the police and are absconding.

TNM had earlier reported how D Ayyappa Dore, the former Vice Chancellor of Alliance University, was found dead at around 6am on Wednesday in a pool of blood after he was allegedly hacked to death at RT Nagar's HMT Ground.

According to the police, Ayyappa left his residence in RT Nagar on Tuesday night for a walk after dinner at around 11:30 pm as usual.

“His wife went to bed, and realised that he had not returned home only the next (Wednesday) morning. She went out to search for him. By then, the police on patrol duty had discovered the body. It was part of his daily routine. He would take the house keys with him as he often returned late and didn’t want to disturb his wife,” a senior police officer had told The Hindu on Wednesday.

Ayyappa is the former Vice Chancellor of Alliance University and an RTI activist. He is survived by his wife Pavana Dibbur, two daughters and an eight-year-old son. He also had political ambitions and had floated the Jana Samanyara Party in 2017 and unsuccessfully contested in Muddebihal constituency in Vijayapura district in the 2018 Assembly Elections.