Manufacturers intentionally increase the alcoholic content of arishtam

Shutters down on bars Kerala binge on alcoholic Ayurvedic medicine to get high
news Friday, January 01, 2016 - 10:02

The Kerala state excise department has strengthened its check on Ayurvedic medicine production units as a huge increase in the sale of arishtams, a medicine prepared by fermented herbs and has alcoholic content, has been noticed

The Times of India reports that there has been a high demand for various arishtams with high alcohol content after the government imposed restrictions on the sale of liquor in the state, according to officials.

It has also been reported that manufacturers intentionally increase the alcoholic content of arishtam, which was normally around 10%, to boost up the sale.

 “For the manufacturing of arishtam, one has to get L2 licence from the excise department. At the time of applying for licence, the manufacturer has to submit the list of ingredients to be used for preparing the concoction. The percentage of alcohol has to be within permitted levels. Arishtams can be sold only with a medical prescription,” deputy excise commissioner (Ernakulam) K Suresh Babu told ToI.

The report says that recently excise officials have seized 1,000 bottles of illegal arishtam from Muvattupuzha which had the alcohol content above permitted levels.

 These illegal arishtam bottles may or may not have manufactures labels on it.

Suresh Babu said that at least 10 cases have been registered against manufacturers and sellers for the sale of stronger arishtams in the last 10 months.

 “Though the practice of consuming arishtam for intoxication is not new, the sale of the medicine is now being promoted for quick money. The level of alcohol is often raised to above 25% for the purpose,” said Suresh Babu.